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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!

casework casework

Casework resembles the medical model and is often crisis management: too little, too late.

Frequently, legal problems are cost-shifted to the medical community and called psychiatric problems, especially for communications corruption, hacking, and various types of stalking, harassing, intimidation.

Generally casework problems are cost-shifted up to the next government agency, another agency, or even to the United Nations to solve.

Often casework get cost-shifted to the Federal Government because it doesn't need to balance its budget, or to the richest, City, County, State, Family, Church, Institution, Country.

Casework can get cost-shifted outside the United States; for instance, certain other countries may have a better standard of care, so they make pick up top talent if they are willing to serve a casework need.

Casework is often politically motivated, and usually involves discovering nonreporting or self-reporting without proper comprehensive workup, investigation or documentation by government contractors, local, County or State, and even Federal agencies.

Persons often do not wish to report wrongdoing due to complex conflicts of interest within various agencies and government contractors, local, County or State, and even Federal agencies.

Very few great software, auditing, monitoring programs exist to evaluate the health of various systems, especially public safety interests.

Almost always there is breach of contract and fraud on the part of government contractors and almost all whistleblowers risk loosing their jobs or extortion, even death. Some whistleblowers are making huge profits (up to around $100 million).

The psychiatric profession tends to rubber stamp the opinions of superiors, and IQ tests were created so the military can classify person quickly during wars to do certain jobs. Often so-called personal problems are NOT properly addressed by the psychiatric or psychological or even by social workers or law enforcement officers, and the abuse is repeated eventually outside the family to the general public by the offender. Therefore, use of the psychiatric and psychological profession often keeps issues hidden from the justice system, which will eventually cost-shift elsewhere. There is too much decriminalization, or shifting problems out of the criminal justice system onto the health care system by caseworkers.

Talented independent observers are rare.

Casework crisis is rarely recognized in a timely manner.

Almost no incentive system exists for improving performance or casework in Health, Education, Welfare, or Planning.

There are very few independent organizations to help even private industries control fraud or maintain high standards.

Most caseworkers do not get proper continuing education.

Many caseworkers overpersonalize their work, but few get sanctioned for nonprofessionalism.

Corrupt caseworkers can be almost impossible to investigate or get removed from their profession even if they lack union status and this is often because their jobs are considered difficult.

Doctors, Contractors, The government, HMOs, insurance companies are often considered so poor that few want to sue them or sanction them. Even trillion dollar judgments against large federal government entities may be impossible to collect. Charitable organizations may be near impossible to collect judgments from and the wrongdoers may leave the region or go to prison and may have their money hidden. At worst, the wrongdoers of these organizations start robbing banks, the wealthy, extorting politicians, even murdering politicians.

Many corrupt politicians may support unethical or exploitative casework that is often just an excuse to bring funds into the region, and into their lives, and often use health, education and welfare to extort innocent victims, clients, patients, students, etc. These cases can involve industry and even support ritual human sacrifice. Lynchings by the Klud Klux Klan, Jonestown, mass poisonings and suicides are often an indication of very corrupt policies and organizational behavior. Certain industries tend to have more cultlike behavior than others and a great desparity between the rich and poor in a region suggests ritual abuse. Many cases of nonreporting crimes by caseworkers, especially in the health, education and welfare fields, suggests ritual abuse and corrupt policies.

Casework at its most complex may really resemble a James Bond movie with characters involved in Genocide, Extortion plots that are expected to lead to World Domination, and Power struggles are common among all species of life. Reading psychological interpretations of history can really improve the understanding of casework, as well as going to the movies can improve the understanding of complex plots and characters.

What most people do not understand is that the CASE WORK FIELD TENDS TO HAVE A HIGH INCOMPETENCE OR CORRUPTION RATE! THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS PARTLY BECAUSE MALPRACTICE INSURANCE EXISTS. Engineering likely is not like this because it is mostly based on math and there is usually only one right answer, and especially at government level the work is self-insured (no insurance company will cover the work!) THIS IS ONE REASON YOUR CASE IS UNIQUE, AND YOU SHOULD USUALLLY PRESENT A CASE PUBLICLY THAT HAS MANY UNIQUE DATA POINTS. YOUR CASE IS ALSO IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU WORKED FOR THE GOVERNMENT, AND YOU HAVE A LONG HISTORY WITH THE GOVERNMENT. THEY HAVE WASTED A FORTUNE BECAUSE OF THEIR POLICIES so eventually a CONTRACTOR came in to hopefully fix the problem, but usually they have a conflict of interest! OFTEN PUBLICITY OF A CASE CAN HELP WIN THE CASE, or may be the only thing insurance, drug and other companies are afraid of.

Medical cases can be complex; add the job, the State, possible illegal activity, higher functioning, and other entities and you can get a really complex mess.

MEDICAL BILLS MAY BE MEANINGLESS & UNENFORCEABLE IF YOU GET THE RIGHT LAWYER (most lawyers may foolishly present the case as a billing dispute), OR GO TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. YOU risk not being prompt enough if you do not sign up with a good lawyer because the person who goes about dealing with a corrupt contractor, doctor or medical system FIRST the right way may receive ALL THE MONEY AWARDED and a corrupt contractor, doctor or medical system could go broke. THEREFORE, THE BEST LAWFIRM LIKELY NEEDS EXPERIENCE STICKING IT TO THE DRUG COMPANIES. Many cases MAY BE EXTREME ENOUGH FOR THIS TO BE POSSIBLE BECAUSE NOTHING SUGGESTS THEY TOOK EVEN SLIGHT CARE TO PROPERLY DIAGNOSE OR TREAT the patient(s), WHICH SUGGESTS GROSS MALPRACTICE , WHICH I SUSPECT SUGGESTS FRAUD! You need to consider that EACH STICKER on each PRESCRIPTION (prepack or bottle?) that went through a computer could be wire fraud (perhaps $300 fine under False Claim Act, $5000 max under RICO wire fraud, or triple damages of total bill under Antitrust law AND/OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES FOR THE TOTAL OR INDIVIDUAL CASE?)! DO THE MATH! That is why patients/persons should keep their used bottles or prepacks! Three persons may be enough to get a Class Action started. It is about getting good information from the more functional and cooperative persons.

I know of many persons who at do not seem to be receiving the proper PSYCH drugs out of Kaiser, the VA, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties because the software is not strong enough to catch the problems AND ALL THE SHRINKS MAY KNOW THIS! THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER GO TO A LAWYER. ONE WAS GIVEN A DRUG FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA WHO HAS DOWN’S SYNDROME (strangely she sees her doctor once every three months and she thinks she gets a deal out of Kaiser because her drug only costs $1.10). The point I am making is they are looking for easy victims. Another was an award winning Stanford/VA doctor who gave a drug that causes liver damage to a person who drinks and another was given a drug that causes liver damage to a person who drinks (these drugs are anti-seizure drugs that are prescribed off-label for bad-boy/bad-girl syndrome) . Another was a person with no high-school education who wanted a drug to help him sleep (Risperdal an anti-psychotic with a possible 95% misprescription rate) who was homeless and NEVER saw an M.D. and then OVERDOSED WHILE ON CRACK and ended up at Stanford for two weeks (about $50,000.00 in med bills to be paid by the government!).

Medical cases can be complex; add the job, the State, possible illegal activity, higher functioning, and other entities then there can be a really complex mess. of a case.

The contractor will likely lose their contract with the State and county if proper publicity is done. For example, you can go to oral communications before the county supervisors and tell them what happened, and/or to the media and your state representative . Legislation can be vetoed or rewritten. Companies have less control than you think because the public knows they are rich and the government is poor. The judge and law firms that do the best jobs of these complex cases are often in San Francisco. Federal court moves faster and you could be in court in less than two years. If the complaint is served by a process server, they only have 20 days to answer, rather than 60 days. Then you are that much closer to receiving a big check, book. Movie, or reality show deal! This is why it is important to make sure things are done right. If you get more prepacks with the stickers, your lawyers might get a class action and might get to subpoena ALL THE COMPUTER RECORDS. YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS REQUEST WAS TOO EXPENSIVE IN MY OPINION AND ONLY TIPPED THEM OFF! My guess is a low level lawyer WILL never file the case properly, in the right court, get it before the right judge, serve it in a timely manner, or do much of anything right or responsibly! A CASE COULD CHANGE PUBLIC POLICY AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ABOUT WHY BETTER SCREENING AND SOFTWARE IS NEEDED. CURRENTLY, ALMOST ANY DOCTOR CAN PRESCRIBE ALMOST ANY MEDICATION TO ALMOST ANY PATIENT FOR ALMOST ANY REASON!

This is because more educated persons are considered more trustworthy and are more difficult to prosecute and are considered more worthy of privacy. The truth is almost no medical records are private (75 people may see each record), and almost ALL DOCTORS IN THE BAY AREA ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY! THERE ARE TOO MANY SHRINKS, SO THEY WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING TO GET OR KEEP A PATIENT. 12% OF SHRINKS MAY HAVE SEX WITH THEIR PATIENTS. The government is broke, so it has almost no way of policing medical doctors. THEY LIKELY ALL HAVE THAT FIGURED OUT!


Medical professionals and ALL case workers tend to gang bang and reduce efficiency in the system. They tend to have sex with each other and their patients. Families in the case work field tend to control a region. It tends to be a friends and family thing- i.e. friends and family tend to know the system and tend to get services. In my opinion only a few people tend to know a large amount of theory about case work and almost no one knows even a speciality completely, so even the specialists can make mistakes. Many in casework start with an agenda or had the illness they now treat, which is often similar to the blind leading the blind. They are presumed then to have compassion for the illness. Think about the usual treatment for smoking addiction: nicotine patches, gum and gradually reducing the dosage, or even smokeless cigarettes. It usually does not involve giving the patient various cocktails of drugs (downers) in a series or cycle! Therefore, the attiction treatment did not seem to meet usual methods. They can gradually reduce the use of uppers by giving the patient the prescription (legal) version of the street drug, such as Ritalin for Meth.

The most outrageous can be prescribing a drug often used for STAGE FRIGHT (Propranolol) to a patient who loves an audience and is inclined to make self-incriminating comments!

Proper documents are often not published or are fraudulent. A contractor can even have an obvious death rate and only be sanctioned due to massive publicity. The most extreme cases are usually in the Bay Area in California.

What makes a case especially interesting are unique data points, such as genetic syndromes, unique johs, and advanced education. No amount of drugging will change your possible extra sex chromosome. You are just naturally more energetic than most. A mate may be more attracted to you perhaps due to her chromosome situation. The Bay Area is full of people with extra or missing chromosomes. They are often needed to do specialized work for the volatile computer industry. One minute they are in demand and the next they are not. It is often due to political connections. Legislation gets passes that gives the government more access to data that needs to be computer programmed. This creates better case management, improves security and efficiency.

The State/Federal Government should give back disability to lots of people, but the State and County doctors are LAZY ABOUT WRITING REPORTS THAT WILL ENABLE PEOPLE TO GET ON DISABILITY. What you do not think about because you have NOT BEEN a claims examiner, worked around adjusters, or for law firms, is why it is important to submit a claim if your situation has many unique data points or should be used as a early warning or belongs in the historical record or should be used to make important public policy decisions. CERTAIN CASES NEED TO BE BROUGHT UP TO THE TOP OF THE CHAIN OF COMMAND! IN OTHER WORDS, THEY SHOULD REJECT OUT OF THE COMPUTER AND THE DEPARTMENT HEADS, LAW MAKERS, THE GOVERNOR, MEDIA AND EDUCATORS SHOULD TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THEM. PERHAPS THEN MANY OTHER PEOPLE WOULD BE AWARDED BACK DISABILITY. HOWEVER, ALMOST NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO COURT AND WILL NOT GO TO COURT WITH A TEAM OF EXPERTS!



Doctors likely did not want patients on disability so they could continue billing the government without any screening software. If the patients were on government insurance hopefully an audit or your bills would be triggered and you doctors would have been investigated and had their licenses revoked!

I wish lawyers that present certain cases would get automatically investigated if they do not take certain cases to trial. They get away with this behavior because there are very few lawyers who specialize in medical disability claims and the Social Security Administration put a cap of about $5,000.00 in fees per claim. Therefore, a group would need to bring their case before a judge to get more fees for the lawyer. This is rarely done. The court has upheld the fee cap.

Caseworkers may reenact their family issues.

A high level of addiction to reenactment may exist for caseworkers on their jobs.

Often certain families toxically control casework in a region.

The cost of Casework does not mean it has high value, or reflect its value.