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Cheated Untitled Document
Cheated Untitled Document

People tend to cheat only as much as they can without realizing they are cheating.

Top 1 % controls 35 % of wealth; top 2 % of Twitter users send 60 % of the messages. Most expensive fifth of patients create four-fifths of the overall cost! Most resources are consumed in industrialized countries, while the remaining 85 % of people live with less resources.

In 2011 47 % of US tax Filer paid no federal income taxes and about 22 % received refunds of which about $ 13 Billion where fraudulently claimed.

Recently, constantly, by same groups, same ways, vices, major crime(s)


Justice system

Planning problem involving excessive traffic, clog, or backup

Excessive growth with system unable to cope

Pollution, including noise, visual, quality of life change

Personal relationship


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Chain corporation or in mall

Global corporation