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My commute is the most difficult part of my day, work, or life.

I use regular routes, schedules, means I know for safety.

Disruptions are frequent, especially in bad weather of unusual conditions.

More rest stops with bathrooms and lounge, eating, entertainment, study are needed.

Detours need to be established quickly, especially when there has been an accident on a Freeway.

Avoiding injury due to reckless commuters is near unavoidable and can prevent functioning in other areas of my life.

Avoiding certain commutes has been the primary objective of my decision making.

Most animals die during migration and I realize that a commute can be an equally high risk activity.

Less pay is acceptable if I can have a better commute.

Less pay is acceptable if I can have a better commute.

My commute is getting worst.

I am changing my voting, schedule, activities, life, basic existence due to my commute.

I refuse to go certain places as a result of my commute.

I refuse to support certain activities, entities due to my enlightenment during my commute.

I have been alarmed by things I have noticed during my commute.

I am unhappy after my commute.

I dream about never commuting again.

I have little rewards to help me during my commute.

My life has been threatened during my commute.

Planning my commute takes great resourcefulness on my part.

I have considered moving due to the stress of my commute.

I live in a region known for long and/or difficult commutes.

I have advanced commute skills.

I know about all the different ways to get many places in the Region, and when a local bus is even less expensive and faster than the express bus or BART.

I could expound on my commute at greater length.

I lobby to improve my commute.

I educate other commuters, even en route to our destination.

I try to organize other commuters.

I am willing to compensate other commuters to improve my commute conditions.

I am willing to fund commute, transportation and infrastructure improvement.

I have given compliments or gifts to better commuters or operators of transit I have given compliments or gifts to better commuters or operators of transit vehicles or facilities, and I am concerned that many of them have excessively long commutes and route hours.

Most animals die during migration, which suggests that for some humans their commute is the most dangerous and stressful part of their day. It is often the part of their lifestyle where they have the least control.