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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


As of 2010, the underground economy in the United States alone was estimated to account for over $2 trillion US Dollars (USD) per year in unreported cash holdings.

Most American think special interest control the government; and most think congress is corrupt of dependent on the wealthy and special interests. Only 10 % of Americans give to political campaigns; 60 % of the time member of Congress meet with regulators and other government officials. Large banks borrow money more cheaply than smaller banks from the government.

For about every $1 spent on lobbyists about $20 is returned in tax breaks; earmarks increase about .33 % for every 1 % increase in lobbyist expenditures for universities!

Destabilizing commodities are researched by the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), Amnesty International, and the Stockholm International Peace Research (SIPRI).

The US, EU, Japan pay 75% total of the UN’s costs!

8% of China’s GDP is counterfeit goods.

Lloyd’s of London likely paid ransom to Somali Pirates!

1 % of American received 23% of overall income in 2007, only seen before in 1928; Debt driver consumption is 70% GNP!

Repos allowed companies to fund off-balance-sheet activities.

Clearinghouses allow cartels to exist; all financial transactions need to be taxed and done through transparent exchanges create bubbles similar to Ponzi schemes.

Addictions are almost entirely subsidized by the government.

Cases are moved to a region that seems controlled by possible family members.

Those accused of criminal activity sue law enforcement, often citing investigative confusion. Later, the business owners in another region are convicted of various crimes, usually tax evasion.

Law enforcement gets sued and huge settlements occur, especially in excess of a million dollars.

Large, unusual seizures of weapons from officials.

Former Law enforcement officials write books that become best sellers and/or end up in the witness protection program, especially if they are the local police working with Federal or State Law enforcement, and the investigation was discontinued and/or obstructed.

Most of the officials who get promoted come from very similar backgrounds, or live outside the region they work in.

The City Council members have the right to fire the police chief, especially in an area with intense racial tensions prone to riots.

Illegal conservatorship, confinement, arrest, especially psychiatric or medically related confinement involving assets in excess of a million dollars.

Even with video surveillance photographs, with or with out additional eye witnesses and/or a pattern of similar crimes, there is no arrest, surveillance of the suspect or almost no punishment for the crime.

There is removal or suppression of the evidence, which can include: stripping, hiding or stealing files, documents, evidence.

Excessive judicial discression exists regarding suppressing evidence, or documents with so many obvious errors that it seems obvious that the judge doesn't read the files.

Unexplained Bombings exist in the region, especially of government records, or government employees, especially of bomb squad members who may have helped poorly fake evidence.

Government buildings are placed in unsafe locations.

Law enforcement officials in key positions are extorted.

Criminals use lawsuits to end investigations and/or accuse law enforcement of confusion in the courts.

Judges are routinely sued by the public, but are not removed.

The Clerk seems to be too friendly with corrupt persons, and/or has ordered the destruction of all old documents.

Officials are involved in the destruction of evidence or any government property.

The State Bar refuses to disciple attorneys guilty of obvious wrongdoing.

Lawmakers refuse to address obvious corruption.

Auditors refuse to do proper jobs auditing government contracts.

Investigators of Health, Education, Welfare, Planning, or other primarily government funded entities are ether corrupt or ineffective.


Government officials openly advertise their deviant practices, especially in ads.

Officials openly receive gifts from wrongdoers.

Corrupt government employees are removed and put on disability, but are not criminally prosecuted.

School boards consist mostly of educators and persons associated who work in political offices.

Local government passes laws that are overly protective of local government and that disallow free speech.

Government medical official refuse to report possible criminal activity.

Unions, especially within education, allow corrupt politicalization of education.

Top government officials refuse to allow flexible scheduling time, or almost any sort of flexibility in the work week.

Upper management of government and industry seems to intentional create situation that will guarantee crisis, or have a crisis management style.

Very few can complete course work, training, and many die on the job.

The public trust is completely under funded compared to about twenty years ago, and the public is told to expect private industry or charity to improve the standard of living for the poor.

The wealthy pay less tax than the wealthy in other nearby nations.

Few are willing to testify about wrongdoing.

Only two political parties seem to really exist and they both seem to have the agenda of fiscally conservative/socially liberal.

Market conditions are expected to solve all problems rather than government, and are actually increasing problems and/or government programs are actually cost-shifting debt-causing problems to the federal government and/or the federal government openly allows state government to steal from the federal government, especially using Health, Education, Welfare, Environment and/or in a manner that actually destroys of human and nonhuman resources of the country.

No indepth reporting and/or lack of spending by news divisions by mass media and/or reporting done usually on one case by mostly uninformed persons.

Very little reporting, analyzing of all court files or court house or courtbeat and/or policebeat reporting.

Corruption is common in government and industry as usually consists of bold crimes or crimes that are too obvious, which respectively tend to indicate conspiracies and frameups. Corruption is often obvious and often not easy to coverup because the intent is often the intimidation of the public. Some governments may have about 90% corruption rate, and it tends to be high in bad conditions or bad regions, especially if there is a drug problem or any unstability in the region, such as few employers, or if a hospital is the primary employer. Movies that tend to be the best about explaining and revealing institutional corruption are usually movie adaptations of comic books, graphic novels and novels, and some examples are the James Bond franchise, the Batman franchise, and Sin City (extreme violence). SPECTRE and is mentioned in the James Bond franchise as an organization that may control much of the criminal element, and the Batman franchise also references an organization that seems to want to destroy civilizations. Corruption within industry tends to be cost-shifted to Health, Education and Welfare or to charity organizations. The FBI may profess to investigate corruption, but they may actually focus on investigating serial killers and some cults PARTLY DUE TO POLITICAL PRESSURE!

Institutional corruption is common, often the normal state of society, civilizations, which tend to collapse due to social diseases.