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CULTS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Sound of My Voice (2012) is about the art of persuasion! Kumaré (2012) is about a false prophet. The Master (2012) some belief is about the origins of Scientology! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) is interesting for its depiction of rituals of a cult. Sherlock Holmes (2009) has a complex and intriguing plot that also involves a cult that reaches into high places in the government! Not Forgotten (2009) about a strange religious cult. Cults can exist in high places, and tend to involve rituals, including ritual human sacrifice. Conspiracies and frame-up, and corruption of the government suggest a cult is active in the region or government. Often it only takes looking at who is seen with politicians who is wealthy or controversial, OR WHO IS SEEKING GURU status, acting as if the are the savior to know who controls a conspiracy or frameup. These persons tend to leave their various marks on government or public property, and are often willing to destroy lifeforms, such as trees or other public resources. Multiple personalities are commonly members of cults. Not all cults are about murder, some are about some strange or false belief or indoctrination by an institution, sometimes known as brainwashing usually achieved in an exhausted state. Pan's Labyrinth (2006) is likely the best anti-cult movie. The Ninth Gate (1999) with Johnny Depp and Bless the Child (2000) with Kim Basinger, The Devil's Advocate (1997) with Al Pacino are convincingly about satanic cults. More realistically in the movie Eyes Wide Shut (1999) are scenes of sex parties of the powerful and wealthy while masked; Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is about celebrity image cleanup, which is often needed for someone who has quasi-cult status. Historically members of the entertainment industry have been used to commit crimes, often political crimes, as seen in the movie Confessions of a Dangerous mind. Cults can have an abscure motive to murder as seen in Hot Fuzz (2007). Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006) is one of the best documentaries about a cult. Insular cult-like behavior can be seen in Fight Club, Oceans 11 and its franchise; In Cold Blood (1967), Point Break (1991), Vacancy (2007), Face/Off (1997), V for Vendetta (2005), The Rock (1996), The Seige (1998), Cabaret (1972), Boys Don't Cry (1999), The Saddest Music in the World, Body Double (1984), Donnie Brasco (1997), Heathers (1989), The Big Lebowski (1998), Eye of the Beholder (1999), Dogma (1999), Patty Hearst (1988), Gothika (2003), Brazil (1985), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Repo Man (1984), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), The Pledge (2001), Shaft (1971), The Mack (1973), The Limbic Region (1996) (TV), Mean Streak (1999), Eraserhead (1977), Mercy (2000), The Gift (2000), Stealing Beauty (1996), 11:11 (2004), Hush (1998), Impulse (1990), In America (2002), October Sky (1999), Instinct (1999), K-PAX (2001), Lost Angels (1989), Manic (2001), Double Vision (2003/I), Frequency (2000), Clay Pigeons (1998), Mercury Rising (1998), The Confession (1999), The End of Innocence (1990), Enigma (2001), The Life Before This (1999), Jasper, Texas (2003) (TV); Flashback (1990), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992); The Fan (1996), Fever (1999), Frailty (2001) ,and Sacrifice ARE MOVIES THAT SHOW THE MAKING OF CULT BEHAVIOR. LOOK AT THE ATTENTION OR PUBLICITY HUNGRY TO FIND SUSPECTS! Many organizations are actually cult-life in nature and the persons in these organizations may not understand they resemble cults, and tend to have contacts with few outside their organization. Persons tend to learn about the true purpose of a cult often near their death. These organizations often embrace addictive behavior or some strange teaching that is actually harmful or false. There is usually some type of ritual or sacrifice involved in there practices. There can be some person who is involved in some strange symbolism, or the cult of personality. Food, Inc. (2009), Citizen Cohn (1992)(TV), Angels in America (2003)(TV), I.O.U.S.A. (2008), Outrage (2009/I), Milk (2009), Frost / Nixon (2009), Bulworth (1998), Conspiracy Theory (1997), Wag the Dog (1998), The Hoax (2006) are VERY UNDER APPRECIATED AND DEEP! The movie franchises Angels and Demons (2009)/The Da Vinci Code (2006) and National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)/National Treasure (2004) have the most symbols and signs with the most complex and interesting plots about complex motives to conspire and frame in historical contexts.