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Cult cult

Germany attempted to ban Scientology; Scientology is considered a dangerous cult and banned in some countries, such as Russia as extremist literature! Wikipedia has banned the Church of Scientology from editing any articles!

Jonestown, Waco and the Heaven Gates tragedies suggests even major governments do not have good policies regarding cults.

Cults tend to involve brainwashing, con games, lawlessness, intimidation, isolation, and loss of freedom! Murder/suicide is the end result of many cults.

Analyzing the leaders past is often the best indiction of the future of the cult (e.g., history of violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or mental illness; increasing amounts of paranoia;( onset of real or perceived serious illness; or recent death).

A religious movement's instability and potential for violence are: abrupt reversal of direction, violent activity, or history of violent episodes, or clashes with law enforcement!

Purchases of weapons, poison, or unusual amounts of drugs or drug accessories.

Child abuse, sexual abuse, ritualistic violence, violence as a form of punishments, or violence as a rite of passage

Setting an exact date for the imminent transformation of life on earth.

Moving the date for transformation forward, or closer to the present. Conversely, officers can view a group that pushes this date back as less of a threat.

More specific claim that "a day will come when America's institutions will burn and its officials will be slain".

Predictions that "God's chosen people will be taken up," which is phrased passively, versus a prediction that "God's chosen people will shed their mortal bodies and transport themselves to heaven".)

Having the knowledge, means, and ability to carry out a plan that makes sense operationally.

The United States is very inconsistent regarding religion, allowing Scientology to profit in ways other religions are not, especially regarding payment for educational service!

Cults can exist in high places, and tend to involve rituals, including ritual human sacrifice. Conspiracies and frame-up, and corruption of the government suggest a cult is active in the region or government. Often it only takes looking at who is seen with politicians who is wealthy or controversial, OR WHO IS SEEKING GURU status, acting as if the are the savior to know who controls a conspiracy or frameup. These persons tend to leave their various marks on government or public property, and are often willing to destroy lifeforms, such as trees or other public resources. Multiple personalities are commonly members of cults. Not all cults are about murder, some are about some strange or false belief or indoctrination by an institution, sometimes known as brainwashing usually achieved in an exhausted state. Historically members of the entertainment industry have been used to commit crimes, often political crimes, as seen in the movie Confessions of a Dangerous mind. Many organizations are actually cult-life in nature and the persons in these organizations may not understand they resemble cults, and tend to have contacts with few outside their organization. Persons tend to learn about the true purpose of a cult often near their death. These organizations often embrace addictive behavior or some strange teaching that is actually harmful or false. There is usually some type of ritual or sacrifice involved in there practices. There can be some person who is involved in some strange symbolism, or the cult of personality.

The purpose of a traditional organization can be cultlike.