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Drugging the country drugs, prescription medication

NSAID's (Motrin, Alleve, Steroids) may cause joints to deteriorate faster than if these drugs had not been used

Most physicians (94%) reported some type of relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, and about only only 1% of Randomized controlled trials(RCTs) are monitored by the FDA, WHICH SUGGESTS FRAUND IN HEALTH CARE IS EPIDEMIC, COMMON, AND NORMAL! The following information may suggest class action Lawsuits should be done against the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and their related industries. CURRENTLY, JUDGMENTS FOR SOME INDIVIDUALS AGAINST DRUG COMPANIES ARE ABOUT $ 10 MILLION FOR SOME CASES.

Low-MAOA (Monoamine oxidase A)gene on X chromosome (makes less monoamine oxidase-A enzyme which reduces metabolization of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) has highest rate of antisocial behavior! The short form MAOA gene, also known as the low-activity-MAOA gene, is considered to be the violence gene, tends to get expressed if there is child abuse or if there is more methylation “off” switches (less “meth” or dopamine) on the gene.

Nonstimutant treatment for ADHD is Atomoxetine nonstimutant off-label Alpha Agonists to treat ADHD are Guanfacine (Inrtuniv, Tenex), Clonidine, Bupopion!

FDA approved Adderall, Dexedrine/Dextrostat, Spansule, Vyvanse, Concerta, Methylin, Daytrana, Ritalin, Metadate, Focalin!

Sex enhancing drugs are Bremelonotide, Flibanserin, Intrinsa!

Satins do not affect size of LDL, or usually decrease death; rather they cause depletion of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which nullifies the effects of Satins.

63 % of drug trials were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The 6th richest person in the world controlled a drug cartel! One billionaire lists his business as shipping who may head a drug cartel.

LA $8 billion, SF $ Billion, Sac $2 Billion in drug arrest seizures (likely a significant potion of local governments budgets).

$1 Billion has been stolen from oil companies by the drug cartel in Mexico.

About a third of Mexicans make their living from what is known as the informal economy that consists of illegal activities.

Ziprasidone Destroy dopaminergic neurons; MPTP Prevent vesicle dopamine uptake!

Phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid and phenobarbital (AEDs) may reduce testosterone, OR THIS MAY BE PROPAGANDA!

Abusive drugs cause release of dopamine, which starts to destroy dopamine receptors, so the addict needs more of the drug to get high, which then causes the addict to get depressed or suicidal. from soaring above co-addiction.

The problem is that constant dopamine stimulation in excess (such as with cocaine) will destroy dopamine receptors. The process: Phenylalanine --> Tyrosine -->L-dopa --> Dopamine. The brain has a safety-check system that will destroy any excess Dopamine.

All anti-psychotics, bi-polar and anti-epileptic medications may lead to suicidal behavior! It MAY be especially important to NOT GIVE THESE MEDICATIONS TO DEPRESSED PERSONS or addicts! abusive drugs cause release of dopamine, which starts to destroy dopamine receptors, so the addict needs more of the drug to get high, which then causes the addict to get depressed or suicidal.

[d] may be the best website to look up side effects of medications!

Amphetamines may cause Parkinsons disease!

Risk of blood cancer almost doubled for frequent users of tylenol (acetaminophen).

Ibuprofen may increase the blood levels of lithium (Eskalith) by reducing the excretion of lithium by the kidneys. Naproxen (Aleve), diuretics, SSRI antidepressants (Prozac, Luvox, etc.) interact badly with lithium.


Commonly, anti-psychotic drugs are misprescribed to depressed, self-medicating drug addicts, which can make them suicidal due to further reducing dopamine! Rather, it might be better to prescribe anti-depressants that increase dopamine. It is believed EXCESSIVE DOPAMINE CREATES PSYCHOSIS: "[B]locked dopamine uptake...particularly at receptors known as D2 dopamine receptors... and reduced psychotic symptoms(~ Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry: Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychiatry); HOWEVER, MORE OFTEN PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESS IS DUE TO DEPLETED- DOPAMINE-CAUSED-DEPRESSION, WHICH WOULD LIKELY MAKE IT MALPRACTICE TO GIVE A SELF-MEDICATING ADDICT using Methamphetamine, CRANK, CRACK, UPPERS OR ANY DRUGS THAT REDUCE DOPAMINE "Meth is a... good anti-depressant caused by depleted dopamine & norepinephrine." (~ page of 171 of Danger to Self); AND/OR GIVE THEM THE MISDIAGNOSIS OF PSYCHOTIC (anti-psychotic drugs tend to block receptors in the brain's dopamine pathways) OR SCHIZOPHRENIC (WHILE CLAIMING THEY ARE TOO EDUCATED OR FUNCTIONAL TO GET ON DISABILITY, ESPECIALLY WHERE THEY HAVE DONE AN EXAUSTING QUASI-EMERGENCY TYPE SERVICE JOB FOR OVER 20 YEARS AND HAVE A LARGE FAMILY TO SUPPORT)! THEREFORE, ALMOST ALL ADDICTS MAY BE DEPRESSED AND/OR EXHAUSTED, BUT ON THE WRONG MEDICATION, WHICH MAY MAKE THEM MORE INCLINDED TO SELF-MEDICATE USING STREET DRUGS AND BECOME INCREASINGLY SUICIDAL!

The problem is that constant dopamine stimulation in excess (such as with cocaine) will destroy dopamine receptors; Nicotine travels to the brain and finds its way to special receptors on dopamine cells. It starts sending a signal that drowns out the GABA signal Nicotine's signal tells the dopamine cell to release much more dopamine, causing a large increase in the amount of dopamine available in between cells. The increased dopamine sends a pleasure signal over and over. This feeling -- and the craving to repeat it -- help create addiction. A GABA cell releases the neurotransmitter GABA. A nearby dopamine cell takes up the GABA in specially shaped GABA receptors (but not nicotine receptors). This tells it to stop releasing dopamine. Then, the enzyme GABA-transaminase destroys the GABA. The dopamine cell receives the GABA signal and stops releasing dopamine. Meanwhile, the dopamine that has already been released docks on a neighbor cell , then re-enters its home cell through a gate . After the dopamine docks on a neighbor cell, it sends a pleasure signal. When it leaves, the pleasure stops. This happens normally, for example after eating. Drugs such as, Ziprasidone destroy dopaminergic neurons; MPTP Prevent vesicle dopamine uptake; The process: Phenylalanine --> Tyrosine -->L-dopa --> Dopamine The brain has a safety-check system that will destroy any excess Dopamine;

There may be reinbursement for about 99% of all prescription in the US or other counties due to recent price fixing my one of the largest distributions of drugs, which may eventually amount to a $4 billion settlement. Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro is handling the McKesson Corp. lawsuit and the input form is at this link

Prescription medicine misuse, or false warning labels, is the leading cause of death. Neurontin, Topamax, Seroquel, Risperdal, Bextra, Biaxin, Avelox, Tlazodone, Remeron, Zithromax, Zypexa, Levaquin, Zithromax, Cipro, Depakote, Yasmin Coumadin (known generically as warfarin); Risperidal (risperidone) and Zyprexa (olanzapine); Lexapro (escitalopram); Zoloft (sertraline); Effexor (venlafaxine); Cymbalta (duloxetine); Wellbutrin (Bupropion); Desyrel (trazodone); Singulair (montelukast); Celebrex (celecoxib); Prinivil or Zestril (lisinopril); and Procrit or Epogen (epoetin alfa) tend to be misprescribed.

95% of prescription drugs are maintenance drugs that ONLY TREAT THE SYMPTOMS OF A DISEASE, SUCH AS LIPITOR, ZOCORE, NEXIUM, PREVACID, AND ZOLOFT, problems which could be better solved with proper diet or nutritional supplements. Many, or most drugs, and even technology, is from Germany. Many doctors, including German, may be guilty of fraud, and many clinical trials may be rigged.

Some drugs have as much as 90% off-label (non-FDA approved use) sales, for instance as high as antipsychotics (90%), anticonvulsants (75%), and antibiotics (41%). When a suitable alternative did not exist, doctors used unlicensed or off label medicine in: 90 percent of babies in neonatal intensive care units; 70 percent of children in pediatric intensive care units; and Two-thirds of children on general medical and surgical pediatric wards in the UK.

Cancer doctors may do as much as 70% off-label prescriptions for drugs.

False advertising, often in popular media, for some drugs may be often near 90%.

All drugs may ultimately contribute to the cause of death if underlying nutritional, exhaustion and stress problems are not fixed.

Drugs may resemble long chains of organic molecules, oramino acids, or toxins, which in excessive amounts may cause birth defects, disease and/or mutation.

Dilantin was one of the first tested drugs to achieve FDA approval of major influence; Blitz created Dilantin from waste products in Germany about 1900; Blitz has various slang meanings and it is the root meaning of a war terminology with various meanings.

Dilantin likely was free as a part of a package deal.

Dilantin was tested likely because it free, about 1937 before WWII, it was tested by someone at Columbia University.

Recently Dilantin was retested and it only seemed to work for two weeks.

Corrupt drug companies may need a impoverished Homeless population in big cities that have hospitals just so they will agree to be experimented on just to get attention, or a hospital bed, of funds (just getting any attention and the hospital bed may increase their health rather than the experiment or clinical trial they are involved in).

Many tests to get drugs approved by the FDA are rigged or faked and FDA may have recently discovered around 5% of false claims in clinical trials, and this is due often to threats made to the patients and historically persons without many rights, such as inmates, took part in clinical trials.

Most hospital beds at teaching hospitals do not go to the poor, but to those seeking beauty, cosmetic, or elective surgeries, or for cancer procedures and treatments; most western medicine is based on the use of drugs, especially surgery. Cancer procedures, and their very expensive drugs, may bring in a large sum of the money teaching hospitals, and universities receive and corrupt the entire education process at and educational institution.

Perhaps about 1926 a Nobel Prize was given for information about the possibility Cancer may actually be caused by parasites and may have a treatment plan consisting of looking for parasites in human waste, which is unpleasant, slow and difficult.

Misdiagnosis is common as is underdiagnosis, and statically most people have about the same common diagnosis, often for chronic, systemic illnesses or genetic illnesses.

Many tests to get drugs approved by the FDA are rigged or faked and FDA discovered around 5% of false tests.

The first known use of a so-called antibiotic was by injection of mold into an infected spine as a desperation attempt to cure a sick friend, and now we think some mold is unhealthful, but even though there is now a diminishing cure rate for anti-biotics made from mold taken in tablet form.

Surgery can be big risk-and persons can avoid surgery and make a complete recovery-often only works with proper hygiene and/or painkillers, which may actually be the only effective drugs.

Some think surgeons are Gods, and drugs are God, because regaining functioning of the body seems heaven-sent (movies and mass media also helped make drugs popular).

Surgery is not a conservative treatment plan (Amputations are and example), but sometimes it is faster than more conservative treatment plans, but it may not treat the entire problem in a body. Surgery is often only possible with the use of drugs.

Insurance companies help contribute to the structure of the medical system by helping make certain treatments payable, often due to the use of drugs.

Persons who drink mineralized water that can resemble supplements (usually they live near mountains and drink mountain water) live the longest, but persons in modern society do not get enough minerals because dams, and the electropower they create, prevent minerals to reach water used on farms and our soil no longer has enough minerals to keep the population healthy, and MAY NOT USE ANY DRUGS TO STAY HEALTHY!

Selenium and other minerals have been used to treat cancer, PERHAPS MORE EFFECTIVELY THAN DRUGS!

80% of medical professionals may have sex with other medical professionals or their patients (and that creates unhealthy, codependent relationships). Certain specialities tend to skew the data, which may be in the higher stress or cosmetic specialities. Sometimes, even persons who work in the practitioner's office work to trade for service. THIS MAY SUGGEST THAT THE GROUP GENERALLY CONSIST OF CO-DEPENDENT ADDICTS, INCLUDING DRUG ADDICTS.

80% of medical professionals may have sex with other medical professionals or their patients (and that creates unhealthy, codependent relationships, often based on shared addiction issues).

80% of anesthesiologists may self-medicate.

80% of some cancer tumors from some types of surgeries may regrow.

90% of one medication was believed to be misprescribed by a survey done by the federal government, 75% OF ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICATIONS MAY BE MISPRESCRIBED, AND 90% OF ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATIONS MAY BE MISPRESCRIBED.

Medical institutions often make their patients sicker WITH, OR WITHOUT, THE MISUSE OF DRUGS.

Brainwashing may exist in medical schools, and/or long hours are an indication of this, or to see quick progressions of late stage, or end stage diseases.

Much of the medical profession involved the Dx, Rx cycle (they go to the office and get tested to see if they should increase or change their medication; much of the medication doesn't work, perhaps almost all of the so-called anti-type drugs, such as anti-inflamitory, anti-psychotic and anti-biotics).

Often the laboratory tests made by medical professionals are not accurate or reviewed by professionals properly. This, too, can cause improper drug treatments.

Imaging tends to be the best diagnostic device and tends to make the medical profession more science than art. It is the treatment of a illness based on the current drug culture of Western so-called medicine that is often worst than the disease it is supposed to cure, The statement that no care is better than bad care may be true.

Toxins (most dangerous often found in the ocean) in nature are often made of large chains of common elements. Many drugs may consist of long chains of mostly carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and may resemble toxins.

Health expenditures are the most inflationary and consume most of government funds.

Many drugs are made of large chains of common elements that do not get absorbed due to a hardcoating and are found whole in portable toilets.

Better supplements may include tin and trace elements. Drugs likely NEVER contain these elements, even as atoms.

Local government medical institutions were usually created for easily fixed medical problems, or diseases or illnesses that spread. Even aspirin may be a dangerous way to treat a spread type illness.

Most medical profession wealth at local government level may be brought into a community primarily through Federal payments given to local government medical institutions, so they may have a motive to keep patients using their services to bring Federal payments into the community, which may resemble murder, or Nazism. Furthermore, many medical professionals die sooner than the rest of the population. Treatments may be rationalized based on the drugs that are prescribed to patients, but huge kickbacks may exist from drug companies.

In the past in China medical practitioners may have only been paid if they made a patient well.

Fines against drugs companies have exceeded billions of dollars and some whistleblowers may be paid millions for their inside information about wrongdoing at these companies.

Skull and Bones, may be the symbol of Nazism, pirates, and poison, is a Cult that may have infiltrated the Executive Branch of the government, branches of Heal, education and welfare.

Joel Wallach, DVM, ND, may argue animal care has higher cure rates or lower cost to cure rate than human care by about 95%. Wallach is very logical in his arguments, suggesting motivation and comprehensive documentation of various cultures and ecological principles.

We should expect massive kickbacks in the medical field.

There have been many instances of nurses and/or medical professionals abusing, overmedicating, or killing their patients or family members. The medical field is a high stress field, and there are not that many instances of patients making a complete recovery.

William H. Welch (1850-1934, Skull & Bones 1870) founded and was the first director of the founded School of Hygiene and Public Health at Johns Hopkins.

Doctors can be paid to refer patients into clinical trials by drug companies.

Often what is on the Internet is not unbiased information; for instance, and are owned by drug companies.

Brain SPECT imaging should be done before prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), such as longer-acting Prozac and shorter-acting Paxil, Effexor, Zoloft and Luvox because they may cause impulsiveness and SSRI discontinuation syndrome is also difficult for the patient.

Opiate blocking drugs may help reduce addiction, reenactment and depression because addicts may product extra opiate in response to stress or stimulation so they get addicted to stress. Eventually they may be unable to feel anything, including pain. Chloride may be the cure for epilepsy, shaking, and most seizures and tends to be reduced in the body as person's age. Almost all drugs may be avoided using supplements and nutrition. Persons who live in areas where their drinking water is mineralized, usually at high altitudes, tend to live the longest. and have some interesting comments about ineffective drugs. and have cynical views about drugs.

The cost of a drug does not mean it has high value, or reflect its value.

Albert C. Barnes developed a mild silver nitrate antiseptic solution, marketed as Argyrol, which was used in the treatment of gonorrhea. This suggests that minerals or element seen on the periodic table are often best at curing disease rather than drugs made from plants.