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"There are countless so-called teachers who want to seize power and controll" ~ Deepak Chopra.

The difference between good and bad teachers can be 300 %; if the bottom 10 % of teachers were eliminated in the USA, the population who achieve at the top standard in the world.

Half of school teachers quit after 5 years!

Most young adults prolong education until job market improves.

Interactive learning a MIT reduced failure rates by 50%.

Online learning at Phoenix University is growing by 25%.

Education is corrupt at many levels, and if a person can be more productive to society by not supporting education or going to school, they should avoid school, its usualy busy work, lost opportunity cost, and debt.

30% learn auditorily, 40%, visually, and 30% kinesthetically!

Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience: 80% of what we personally experience 95% or what we teach others.

If every had the same education, the inequality of income would be reduced by ONLY less than 10 %.

William L. Sanders: Effective teachers appear to be effective with students of all achievement levels regardless of the levels of heterogeneity in their classes.

Low pass/transfer rate

Nonattendance is routine for student(s) and/or lecturer(s)

No Statistics on suicide rate

Criminal abuse is called research and/or a project

No private and/or informal complaint procedure(s)

Board hasn't appointed, and/or government, and/or accrediting agency will not audit or refuses to not stand up to a lawsuit by the school (That is the accrediting agency will settle out of court even if poor teaching results in the death of patients with cost shifting their disability payments and medical expenses to the government)

Indirect government control of institution and without substantial audits, especially when the government supplies most of the funding, including Federal Loan Granting Agencies

Administration consists of biz backgrounds rather than the perhaps English or European system of expecting higher competence of Top management , often with criminal or civil wrongdoing alleged in there past, even with court record documentation, litigation, with or without civil and criminal complaints or ongoing investigations, including child abuse or pornography

Excessive advertising of classes, with advertising for expensive tutors and products posted all over campus

Low attendance and or fake attendance figures, with or without instructors friends holding seats and refusing add cards when seats are available on the first day of class

High turnover of staff and students, almost all admin staff is temp and/or repeated hiring of temps for administrative assistant to upper administration

Instructors are without master degrees and/or do not explain their background or lie about their background, often come late to class, often do not return assignments, often leave the classroom unsupervised, but even if supervised staff is often busy, or incompetent or staff doesn't show up to open the facilities, especially bathrooms or properly turn on heat and/or air conditioning, which may be mandated by law, or fix plumbing problems or habitility problems

Excessive part-time to full-time instructor ratio, respectively usually more than 25% to 75%

Excessive book and or supply costs without return policy, with or without allowing opening plastic covering and/or selling instructors self-published materials; almost all materials are inferior to the less expensive materials, excessive cost of food of low value, especially known as junk food

Excessive amount of Board members from political backgrounds and/or nonperforming lower educational institutions

High crime rate on or around campus

Excessive talk or questioning about personal issues

Poor resources, including low endowment or a government that is in deep debt, and libraries and facilities are poorly funded and up to 40 years behind industry

Programs poorly designed and do not keep pace with industry and are often of negative value to the best students, unnecessary classes

Flea market, with or without porn or goods produced by sweatshop labor, or produce sold in parking lot (often on Saturday, even during class hours)

Low tech transfer rate

Excessive number of unmarried instructors, administration, staff

Most instructors have never performed well at industry level

High theft rate and/or sell off rate of assets, including land, often at far below book or market level

Subtle brainwashing that resembles cult behavior, often in general education classes, with or without requests for dates and/or touching

Classes held in places other than on campus, such as at coffee shops or on wet grass

Criminal activity encouraged, even if not overtly

Privacy not maintained, with or without public insults, especially of minors (children) or the disabled

Graded down for excusable absences, but not medically documented, or litigation or difficult to explain criminal interference, even if by industry insider, especially hacking into school's systems to get top performers or most physically attractive to work at low wages

Made sick, poisoned, or intimidation

Lectures outdated or designed to support failure

Not allowed to use resources for business purposes

Instructor(s), administrator(s), institution expects to acquire part of the students business production or work product

Instructor(s) have student(s) do work for them without pay

Cooperative education or working for employer for class credit without pay

Few obtain degrees in normal time period

Excessive room and board cost on campus

Instructors get excessive travel, education, housing benefits

Excessive theft rate of all resources

Excessive murder/suicide rate of employees, students, staff

Excessive medical expenses or funding from teaching hospital and excessive psychological lockups

Promoting violence, sex, abuse, dangerous activities, unhealthful activities, communism, overthrow of the government and/or justification of the previous under academic freedom, privacy, national security and/or military presence

Encouraging espionage

Harboring cults and Satanists, with or without chanting and preventing persons from going to the bathroom and other means to teach submission.

Even with perfect grades unable to find a job and/or must continue to go to school to defer student loans, or unable to earn enough on the job to payoff student loans.

High truancy rate (this might be above 70%)

Linguistic; Logical/mathematical; body/kinesthetic; spatial; interpersonal; intrapersonal are the various types of abilities that education should be geared to fostering.

Education is often best if it is connected to real events in a relevant and interesting way, encourages concentration, paraphrasing, connecting information in a insightful way, visulation and ultimately participation in a beneficial way with reality.

Almost ALL LEARNING IS PRIMARILY DEPENDENT ON THE QUALITY OF THE EDUCATOR! There are some real horror stories about education, such as one person decided to get his Ph.D. rather than continue to work at Microsoft and if he had stayed at Microsoft he would have been rich! Education often works similar to the addiction model because if persons are unable to pay off their student loans they can defer their loans by taking about 6 units a semester; these students tend to seek out the easiest and most corrupt instructors, so they tend to not really learn anything. However, due to the strength of the union it is almost impossible to prosecute any educator for wrongdoing. Sometimes the saying- those who can do and those who can't teach- seems true.

The cost of education does NOT mean it has high value, or reflect its value.