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Environmental Inpact Reports, Planning, Land Use Issues Property Values

Decoupling and allowing for failure thru redundancy reduces disasters!

Collaborative Consumption reduces idling capacity for little used products.

Techshop Menlo Park is workshop space for inventors that has equipment and supplies.

Use Library tool project for tool rentals.

Rolls-Royce 102EX Concept: Recharging will take a lengthy 20 hours, though using three-phase power cuts it to eight hours. An induction charger is also fitted to enable WIRELESS CHARGING, a new technology designed to allow electric vehicles to be recharged without a physical connection to a power source.

Yipit is local search engine good for finding rentals, sharedEarth good for garden rentals; Zipcar and Streetcar are self-serve car rental services; Bag Borrow and Steal, SolarCity, DeminTherapy; OurGoods, ITEX, Superfluid Barterbrokers, Tradebank, NuBarter, Bartercard are a $10 Billion industry; Zopa in Eupore and the Lending Club in the USA are peer-to-peer lending marketplaces; WeCommune Inc. is a for profit venture;, and are for travelers who want a neutral broker.

70 % water used by agriculture, which causes 70 % of water contamination.

Most agriculture counties become disaster areas, mostly due to erosion.

84 % of all endanger plant of animal species were partly due to agriculture.

40 % of albatross chicks may die from plastic ingestion (about 98 % of chicks have plastic in them); camels can have calcified balls of plastic in them causing them death; 80 % of dead turtles have ingested mostly plastic; dead whales have been found to have plastic in them!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has a ration of 6 to 1 of plastic-to-zooplankton.

Science and strong public sentiment determines policy.

In plastic-contaminated Greenland two girls are born for every boy.

Plastics has been put in the feed of cows!

USA, not Europe, follows the "proof of harm" rule.

BFR-caused IQ imparement in California may be at $50 billion.

Phthalates are detected in more than 95 % of Americans.

Mississippi has no redemption program, but California recycles at about 82 %; some counties have a zero waste policy in California.

Project will generate excessive traffic, and/or decrease value of other properties, and/or is overpriced, and/or misplaced and/or doesn't conform to General Plan.

Not accepting comment, or wrongful retaliation for comment, especially to the media or law enforcement or during public presentations to the body to certify the EIR or approve the project, with or without the persons responsible for certifying the EIR, or approving the project being suspected of any criminal activity, or previously being charged with a crime, especially involving vice. Many lawyers on governing body, with or without high accident rate in community, and being close to a trauma center at a teaching hospital. City planner may routinely wear black and resemble an undertaker.

Improper entity accepting comment, especially without jurisdiction (often Rail Road Land given by Congress to put Rails down), or many jurisdictions for a project, with or without, possible need for eminent domain seizure, or fraud-based seizure, or if there is a better use for the property, which is also know as in real estate jargon as "Highest and Best Use", or another project would be much better serve the area and community.

Access to water or another property which greatly improves the value of either property involved in dispute, especially involving litigation and/or investigation, especially in an area of mixed development, emerging industrialization, and persons of different values.

Auto dependant or dependent on cheap energy (examples would be high rises built when energy was cheap) with or without likelihood of sick building syndrome, earthquake risk, mudslide risk, hightide risk, interference with animal migration and/or bird flight.

Impacts waterway(s), excess covering ground with structure(s) and/or pavement, and/or low point in a Valley, with or without a dangerous amount of volatiles below ground that could explode (Near Tar Pits in Los Angeles is an example).

Former EPA clean up site, toxic waste site, dump or landfill, military site, with or without underground volatiles.

Former grave site, Indian Reservation or sacred land, Cultural trail.

Near nature preserve or public land, such as park.

Former Government Land, Educational Institution, Rail Road Land (especially railyards or where rails where put down in exchange for land given by congress with or without jurisdictional dispute), Prison or Hospital.

In Aircraft flyover area.

Repeated sale of property or flipping property, land.

Ownership documents (especially Rail Road land given by Congress for building Rail Road) in dispute and documents regarding ownership have been destroyed at government locations (especially by Bombs) and/or Cloud on the title of the property.

Property next to park or forest with gas lines with or without in earthquake area or fault zone.

Property in location prone to natural disasters or Acts of God (often Tornados).

Violence related promotion of symbolism in design, with or without being obvious.

Parks, landscaping, public art, mass transit not integrated into design.

Developer has a long litigation history and losing in the courts, especially marital and/or child abuse allegations.

Owner has sued many financial institutions.

Owner has a history of drug infested property, with or without multiple emergency services visits or arrests on the property.

Mass evictions taking place on the property, with or without just cause.

Owner may be in sexual relationship with person from foreign country or business with inlaws where there is strong possibility that extortion is involved.

Illegal conservatorship acquired the property with or without sale of the property by conservators to foreigners.

Property is being reduced in value by unnecessary renovations.

Model isn't accurate, especially if manufacturing is to be destroyed near Railroad yards or if manufacturing is to be destroyed in the inner or central city.

Valuable industries are to be destroyed or would lose business or customers as a result of the project.

Project in on a hill that appears to have infill to build up a hill and looks as if it will slide off the hill in the future with or without heavy rain or Act of God.

Project, especially housing, is next to a parking lot.

Project is next to an area that regularly has noise pollution, events.

Project is termite infested or has sick building syndrome.

Location has been flooded before and waterway doesn't have a Bern to prevent future flooding.

Demolition of viable building is planned to put a school in a zone where drugs would easily be sold but difficult to police, especially if the persons who would allow the project have ties to criminals.

Demolition of a small structure to put a large unattractive structure that would destroy the character of a neighborhood and privacy of neighbors; this is known as "monster" houses or buildings, and is even a trend on rural valuable farm land.

Placing housing on valuable farm land where public transit is difficult to service.

Property near oil refinery or electrical wires.

Electrical wires or gasline near forest.

Project would obstruct view, especially from public land, such as a park, even if it is just a sunset or sunrise view.

Seed pods that are round (slip hazard) and/or landscaping using poisonous plants.

Curved Road before Rail Road Crossing or Intersection or Intersections too close to Rail Road Crossing.

Underpasses and overpasses for vehicles and foot traffic not done at Rail Road Crossing.

Old infrastructure (usually 20 years outdated).

Lack of Surveillance Cameras at Major Intersections in Urban area.

High ratio of nontaxpaying entities (usually churches, nonprofits and government and public schools) to entities that pay taxes (Berkeley, CA is a perfect example).

Nonprofit wants to exchange their land of much less valuable land without paying back taxes for the time not taxed.

Near major research center or Particle Accelerator.

Near Rural Airstrip or Marina, with or without Marina.

Near Port(s), with or without near City Center and/or major government and/or schools (often Oakland, Redwood City or Los Angeles) with or without suspicion placement and design is to support crime and/or vice.

Refusal to police area (examples would be riots, especially Watts or Blackouts).

Low cost housing is occupied by the criminal element and is causing other properties in the region to loose value with, or without, corruption by government officials in the management, purchase, building, taking, even by Eminent Domain, of the property.

History of Pets and children missing around time of Full Moon or Halloween in region.

Any sale of military land involving toxics, especially where the science, International, Jurisdiction, Protocol issues are not legislated about Internationally, including involving water.

City or jurisdiction refuses to allow showers on the building site, even if it would help persons ride their bike to work, and improve productivity, decrease traffic congestion.

City or jurisdiction has focus on sales tax and allows vehicle sales where eminent domain should put a tunnel.

City or jurisdiction has focus on sales tax and has built free multistory parking structures, with or without lack of use of the structures, with or without low cost housing should have been instead built on the land.

City or jurisdiction does not negotiate reduced parking needs for subsidizing mass transit, tunnel and/or other needed infrastructure or improvements needed in traffic circulation.

City or jurisdiction does not conform to their own general plan and/or their general plan is weak; for instance, it doesn't integrate bike lanes and paths in parks, and proper infrastructure.

City or jurisdiction does not maintain roads and/or street trees and/or parks and/or public areas and/or waterways.

Multi-jurisdiction problem involving either or any of the following: water, transportation, parks, recreation, libraries, airport, wharf, marina.

Government seems to favor private interests over the public interest of any type.

Government land was bought for the project and/or the government was given a big gift of land likely to induce huge concessions by the government.

Private interest wants a huge traffic pattern change to reduce their own congestion.

Any building planned near any volcanic activity, or in the so-called Ring of Fire.

Any building or event planned near any major environmental system, especially sensitive or extreme, such as Mountains perhaps near the jet stream, magnetic poles, hot springs, volcanoes, reservoirs, oceans, icebergs that could impact weather systems.

City, county, state and federal planners, Government attorneys, law enforcement are often brought in to try to fix the problem with poorly designed real estate after corrupt politicians allowed the project to be built, and private lawyers often sue the government about accidents, often the leading cause of death in current industrialized nations, caused partly by unsafe design and/or the government has the cost of the accidents shifted to it as insurer of last resort. Insurance companies for mostly vehicle accidents do not involve themselves enough in the planning or legislation process often and then may try to get judgments from lawsuits to have a limit on them. This is a very complex area of the law. However, there have been some interesting and unique decisions about denying approval of projects, especially large projects where major infrastructure changes where expected, or huge traffic congestion might result, a huge shadow would be cast, in the cities of Sacramento and Redwood City, but these are government centers or somewhat wealthy areas, likely with a more educated and politically active population. Most real estate developments are approved. A recent trend to have early design or planning review to help make sure a project is likely to conform to the general plan and/or community standards.

Unabomberís argument goes like this: personal freedoms are constrained by society, as they must be; the stronger that technology makes society, the less freedoms;Technology destroys nature, which strengthens technology further; this ratchet of technological self-amplification is stronger than politics; Any attempt to use technology or politics to tame the system only strengthens it; therefore technological civilization must be destroyed, rather than reformed; since it cannot be destroyed by tech or politics, humans must push industrial society towards its inevitable end of self-collapse; and then pounce on it when it is down and kill it before it rises again.

The cost of Real Estate, Environmental Impart Reports, Land use, Resource Management, Planning, and Property Values does not mean it has high value, or reflect its value.