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emergency services

Abusive or use of unnecessary force, drugs.

Rock star and/or entertainer or persone with or without false identification with or without history of addiction likely there to abuse position.

False documentation or references were not checked likely to obtain position or unstable job history.


Excessive time at site, transportation mileage, wasting time.

Violates privacy.

False report.


Overbilled, false bills.

Criminal misconduct.

Demands interview, especially public or office.

Refuses to do their job with, or without, bribe or kickback.

Harasses with, or without, physical violation.

Stalks or returns to site of incident.



Prejudiced or suspected Civil Right Violations.

Prior conviction(s) of crimes.

Sleeps on job.

Possible hostage situation.

Burnout may be a problem with this group; many may have XYY syndrome because endurance is needed. In an Emergency about 10% of persons are helpful, 80% do nothing 10% get in the way, in other words about 90% depends of the outcome depends on the individual.

The cost of Emergency Services does not mean it has high value, or reflect its value.