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HEALTH CARE FACILITY SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: AT LEAST TWO HEALTHCARE SERIAL KILLERS ARE KNOWN TO EXIST: NURSE CHARLES CULLEN AND LOS ANGELES ANESTHESIOLOGIST DR. JOHN KAPPLER; THEY WERE ALLOWED TO WORK DESPITE MANY INDICATIONS THAT THERE WERE PROBLEMS WITH THEIR BEHAVIOR, WHICH SUGGESTS THAT ABUSE IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IS COMMON, AND LIKELY EVEN MORESO IN A DOWN ECONOMY WHEN THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO PROPERLY INVESTIGATE COMPLAINTS! GOOD HEALTH PLAN SHOULD HELP PREVENT THIS, BUT OFTEN THEY MAY ENABLE IT BECAUSE THEY MAY ATTRACT THE WORST PROFESSIONALS AND PAY THEM THE LEAST! DOCTORS OFTEN ARE NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO TELL THEIR PATIENTS THEIR DIAGNOSIS! Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2012) is a documentary that examines the link between breast cancer research fund-raising and profits for the cause’s corporate sponsors. The Waiting Room (2012) is about anemergency room in Oakland, CA; The Details (2012); The Details (2012) is about an amoral physician; How to Survive a Plague (2012); Puncture (2011), Contagion (2011), Life, Above All (2011); Williams likes to play great care providers in Awakenings (1990), Good Will Hunting (1997), What Dreams May Come (1998), and in Patch Adams (1998)(based on a true story where he practices medicine without a license). DOCUMENTARIES ARE: The Beautiful Truth (2008); America the Beautiful (2007), Who Lives, Who Dies: Rationing Health Care (1988), A Guide to Representing Claimants in Insurer Insolvency Proceedings (1992), Our Children at Risk (1991), Medicare and You (1992); and No More Bandaids: Curing the Health Care Crisis (199?). Some movies about the medical field are Sicko (2007), The Hospital (1971); Article 99 (1992); Breast Men (1997); Lorenzo's Oil (1992); Champions (1984); Dying Young (1991); Awake (2007), John Q (2002), Medicine Man (1992), Yesterday (2004); Philadelphia (1993); Death of Mr. Cazarescu aka Moartea domnului Lazarescu (2005); Rory O'Shea Was Here (2005); and Smile (2005). Critical Care (1997) suggests that money can buy health! Health care varies widely from institution and region of the county. It can take a long time for a corrupt specialist to be brought to justice. Generally care recommended by the government is not given most of the time. It is common for a drug to be misprescribed, and misprescriptions are more common for death than street drugs. In a study almost all nurses would obey a corrupt doctor. Higher profit margin specialties tend to support a hospital, such as the cancer unit; the emergency room tends to lose money for a hospital. Recently, the Veterans Administration has introduced new systems that should improve the quality of care. Certain medical specialists tend to have certain behavioral problems, and they tend to rely on their medical knowledge to help or harm those most close to them. There are some estimates of 40-80 percent of self-medication by some specialties. Some estimate that those in the medical profession usually have intimate relationships with other medical professionals or their patients. It is general frowned upon for a medical professional to bill the government for treatment of their relatives. At worst, persons who represent drug companies will offer free gifts, including sex! Some other counties spend about half of what USA's Gross National Product (GNP) and have about twice the quality of care! Often this is due to preventative practices!