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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


A fresh cadaver can sell for $ 200,000; in 1990 the California Supreme Court ruled that patients do not own tissue removed from their body, so even cell lines can be exploited!

In the US more patients go to unregulated practitioners than to licensed professionals! Britons spend billions on alternative medicine!

About $ 200,000 payment was received by a general practitioner from a pharmaceutical company for conducting an experiment on an uninformed patient!

Insurance companies may hide behind ERISA by ignoring treating doctors, allowing accountants to make medical decisions, and then when caught try to lie their way out of problems.

16 % of psychiatrists admitted they would give ECT even patient and relative objected; one survey revealed 59 % of 700 patients received shock treatment without their consent.

In the laboratory, extracts of blood flukes have reduced diabetes in mice. A clinical trial involving inflammatory bowel disease indicated dosing with whipworms eliminated symptoms!

As recently as 2000 a Catholic care home in New York used children as subject in clinical trials involving dangerous drugs!

Americans spent about 17 % of GDP on Health Care!

Modern medicine is the number-one leading cause of mortality!

Doctors are paid a percentage of the prescriptions they write and sometimes these is done by calling them “advisors” where they are given luncheons where they listen to an “educational” spiel and they receive checks that are for over a thousand dollars ($1,000)!

Dr. Herbert of Benson of Harvard University belives as many as 90 % (ninety percent) of persons taking a placebo may improve in clinical trials! In studies all the participants received a placebo surgery and All thought they has improvement due to their fake surgery!

Doctor’s over-confidence is usually results in about 20 % accuracy.

Pharmaceutical company sponsored trials are 3.6 times more likely to produce a favorable result.

Physicians who have interests in diagnostic services are four and a half times more likely to refer patients for services.

The US Justice Department has won settlement of more than $1.5 billion against drug companies for paying kickbacks to doctors or engaging in illegal marketing of their drugs.

Speakers’ bureaus are a way to launder of disguise payment to academics for lobbying and policy advocacy (fees can exceed $100,000 or a half million dollars a year).

Healthcare consulting is done by to help with navigating the health care system and/or use (free medicine and/or treatment?), (info about labs?), (low cost advisement?) , (free blood monitor?), (deals or coupons?), (free eye exam for seniors?), (group discount insurance), and (senior discounts?).

94 percent of physicians have “a relationship” with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries!

Only 1% of Randomized controlled trials( RCTs) are monitored by the FDA.

Email recarding hospitals or (Medicare).

to 20% patients experience med errors of which up to 50% are preventable.

30% mortality of every generation caused by parasites. Chickens reared in germ-free environment enjoy about 25% gain in body weight; antibiotics in food is associated with growth gains about 10%. Cytokine likely reduces activity level after a parasitic attack, so the immune system can rebuild itself. Octopamine seems to increase learning, but cytokines can reduce memory consolidation. Yellow, orange and red food, which must come from the diet, increase immune function. Data generated by chance more than 5% of the time is considered unreliable; whereas an error of 1% is the preferred error rate for MEDICAL FINDINGS! Whereas, 14% mortality every generation is due to war.

Randomized controlled trials(RCTs) offer advice in less than 10 percent of surgical interventions.

50% chance that your did a better computer search than your medical professional.

30% med pros have clinical depression, 40% suicide rate higher in male doctors than the rest of the population.

Inadequate communication caused 50% of all medication errors.

the best source of med info is

Medical tourism is a growing industry; check the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for International Hospitals.strong>

About a million US patients affected by med errors and about 100,000 die from those errors.

Depression drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro) effect only worst cases, but most prescriptions are written for persons who will not be effected by the drug with mild depression at a cost of about $5,000.00 per year for treatment, so most treatment is maintenance, palliative, or cosmetic because the symptoms relapse after taking the medication.

Tests show a 65 percent relief rate with a 45 to 55 % placebo effect for antidepressants.

Psychiatrists suicide regularly, year-by-year, at rates about twice those expected! /strong>

Elkhonon Goldberg’s theories may be wrong, but are interesting: right brain novelty hemisphere, left repository of well-developed patterns; as we age we use left more, which focus on positive emotions.

Physician-assisted suicide is more condoned by the elderly spouse, but only about half or less of the rest of the population condones it.

Medicare has bias in favor of high-tech and surgical procedure instead of preventive health care.

About 10 per 100,000 general population and 14 per 100,000 of over-sixty-five population commit suicide.

Post traumatic growth syndrome is the process of becoming a better person through adversity.

70 % of American do not have living wills.

High cortisol equals risk adverse!

Experts rarely prevent crisis; their predictions rarely close!

Excluded from Health Care Legislation. March 23, 2010; only price-fixing, bid-rigging and market allocation ARE not legal.

PERSONS ARE unable to sue med ins as monopoly AND Cartels DUE TO Repeal OF Arran-Ferguson.

30% variation in expert opinion suggests second opinion is always needed. and are rating services for hospitals and procedures.

The CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS (CCHR) exposes Human Rights Violations in the field of Mental Health by partly helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices in the field of mental health.

About 60% of emergency care and up to 100% of chronic care may be malpractice!

Most malpractice may be done to addicts!

Vomiting with, or without, drugging with or without suspected possibly motivated by criminal, often medication was stolen, misprescribed, or used offlabel (nonFDA approved use, or not recognized use by a major medical journal).

Prior treatment for biological entity caused illness (often tapeworm or lyme disease with low cure rate with treatment, especially at lower government facilities).

Possible exposure of any problem at Shelter, charity, institution of lower quality, or outside region.

Parasites, bacteria, or tapeworm with, or without, in brain or muscles.

Nonaddiction, nonsexually transmitted spread type illness previously unknown in the region.

Sexually transmitted type illness previously unknown in the region.

Hysterical type illness previously unknown, also know as mass fear, previously unknown in the region.

Dental work needed, and it would reduce long term cost to have laser whitening and nonmercury fillings, and mercury fillings removed.

Sensory system problem.

Late or end state illness due to trauma with, or without, incriminating statements made by patient.

Self-incriminating statements by patient.

Systemic Illness(es).

Genetic Disease(s).

Infectious Disease(s) or any spread type disease.

External entity, often environmental or criminal, impacting patient.

Acute Phase(s).

Chronic stage.

Late or end stage Systemic Illness(es) , with or without incriminating statements made by patient.

Memory problem(s) with or without history of accidents.

Spinal injury with paralysis.


Extreme malnutrition.

Malpractice suspected at another institution, especially foreign.

Cult, ritual/sexual abuse suspected.

Child's birth date is the same as parents and/or forced birth suspected.

Suspected false name, Insurance coverage.

Self-inflicted Head trauma (can cause brain damage), other major trauma, and/or history of accidents, with or without protrusion of lower intestine.

Unnecessary drugging, inoculations, vaccinations against will of patient is suspected.

Dangerous bite, with or without, venom and/or exposure to anti-biotics and/or anti-biotics no longer effective and/or anti-biotic-caused immune systems problem, acid/base ration imbalance.

Misperceptions, with or without, possible motive to kill patient.

Asymmetrical or suspected congenital deformity with procedures planned during growth phase.

Unusual case, usually extreme abuse or medical malpractice, such as boundary violations, including unnecessary amputations, or sex with patient.

Loss of freedom suspected by previously by criminals, institutions, others of any kind.

Previously unknown illness to medical community.

Medical professionals in family.

Great health care perfectly done is near impossible, but the areas where their tends to be the least competence may be brain (especially damage in which incontinence hints to injury), foreign organism, or genetic illnesses.

Birth defect caused by legal (usually alcohol) or illegal drug use, without proper counseling about drug problems, especially reduced IQ of about 10 to 15 points.

Birth defect is inherited (often intrasexuals, or genetic illnesses), without proper counseling of possibility multigeneration genetic illnesses, especially regarding XYY, XXY, or XXX syndrome.

Birth Defect due to prescription drug used, often anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), without proper counseling about drug problems, especially reduced IQ of about 10 to 15 points.

Victim of illegal, or legal (signed consent form exists), experimentation, exploratory procedure, elective procedure or clinical trial.

Infection, illness or enabling an addiction acquired at Health Care Facility or enabled by so-called professionals or staff.

Testing method for disease known to have a good chance of being inaccurate, or needing two step method and clinical observation, such as ELISA or Western Blot.

Tests have been done as many as three times to obtain an accurate result.

60% adults dianoised with ADD smoke cigs. Reduced Parkinson’s in those who smoke cigs or drink coffee, which may help leach out heavy metals. Alcohol may reduce cholesterol, which may reduce Alzheimer’s.

AT LEAST TWO HEALTHCARE SERIAL KILLERS ARE KNOWN TO EXIST: NURSE CHARLES CULLEN AND LOS ANGELES ANESTHESIOLOGIST DR. JOHN KAPPLER; THEY WERE ALLOWED TO WORK DESPITE MANY INDICATIONS THAT THERE WERE PROBLEMS WITH THEIR BEHAVIOR, WHICH SUGGESTS THAT ABUSE IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IS COMMON, AND LIKELY EVEN MORESO IN A DOWN ECONOMY WHEN THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO PROPERLY INVESTIGATE COMPLAINTS! GOOD HEALTH PLAN SHOULD HELP PREVENT THIS, BUT OFTEN THEY MAY ENABLE IT BECAUSE THEY MAY ATTRACT THE WORST PROFESSIONALS AND PAY THEM THE LEAST! DOCTORS OFTEN ARE NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO TELL THEIR PATIENTS THEIR DIAGNOSIS! Health care varies widely from institution and region of the county. It can take a long time for a corrupt specialist to be brought to justice. Generally care recommended by the government is not given most of the time. It is common for a drug to be misprescribed, and misprescriptions are more common for death than street drugs. In a study almost all nurses would obey a corrupt doctor. Higher profit margin specialties tend to support a hospital, such as the cancer unit; the emergency room tends to lose money for a hospital. Recently, the Veterans Administration has introduced new systems that should improve the quality of care. Certain medical specialists tend to have certain behavioral problems, and they tend to rely on their medical knowledge to help or harm those most close to them. There are some estimates of 40-80 percent of self-medication by some specialties. Some estimate that those in the medical profession usually have intimate relationships with other medical professionals or their patients. It is general frowned upon for a medical professional to bill the government for treatment of their relatives. At worst, persons who represent drug companies will offer free gifts, including sex! Some other counties spend about half of what USA's Gross National Product (GNP) and have about twice the quality of care! Often this is due to preventative practices! The Feds often have a high amount of overpayment amount before they will open an investigation, or they may need to see a serious crime before they will act. Most people to not know where or how to complain to the administrative, legislative, or judicial branches of the government, or to the state government to try to get a license revoked. Often, it is the Federal government that will go to the state government and insist a license gets revoked. The media may be of some help getting an investigation started, but they may have a major conflict of interest in these cases because of their advertisers. It used to be that insurance companies bit on the Medicare, Medical and Medicaid contracts I suspect partly to fill their minority quotas and to try to do fraud control to reduce their co-insurance payments. Now these contractors may treat the contract as pure programming exercises, and most of the claims may be automated. Therefore, internal and external fraud may be almost impossible to detect. THIS MEANS YOU MUST COMPLAIN USUALLY TO MULTIPLE PLACES OR EVEN DO ALL YOUR OWN MEDIA AND PUBLICITY. ALSO, FEW LAWYERS WORK THESE CASES.

In 2009 USA us spent $2 trillion on health care, which likely exceed the GDP for the USA.

Great health care is a high stress and high risk profession.

The cost of Health Care does not mean it has high value, or reflect its value.