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Job, Work Hiring

Companies hiring choices tend to be 30 % superb, 40 % adequate and 25 % mistakes.

Job seekers outnumber openings six to one.

openended questions measure flexibility and creativity.

Social networking sites are used about 45% of the time to hire a candidate.

Reject addicts in family or immediate surroundings.

Do everything yourself and/or automate rather than hire.

Use own resources rather than government, agencies, outside help.

Do not advertise positions.

Strict background checks.

Previously done similar work more important than education.

Reasonable behavior and wardrobe.

Hire public education rather than private, with emphasis on large schools.

Little emphasis on prior compensation.

Pay others to not work than have them ruin the organization.

Credit check.

Check their environment.

Hire mature.

Hire minorities.

Hire undocumented.

Hire animals.

Hire same sex.

Hire disabled.

Hire from only top firms.

Hire only former military.

Hire only if church going. allows keyword input to find a job. has good info about writing a resume.

Bad Hires are common, and the workforce is rarely fair. A bad hire can ruin a business, or other enterprise. Hiring should be completely performance based and it is often best to tire as temporary or as a consultant help with the possibility of becoming permanent. Bonuses are likely more important than a large base wage.