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Indicators of system weakness, Warning signs, signals, tells, Leading signs

Law enforcement discourages the public to have their own patrols.

There are many medica blackouts about dangerous criminals.

Obvious lying is seen by the media or very few news items or negative stories are seen in the media.

Shelter beds are full & charity in down.

Student loan defaults are increasing.

Employee give backs are increasing.

Store sales, disorderly conditions, huge arrests for employee theft, stores going out of business are increasing.

Lawsuits against judges, law enforcement, politicians, largest employees in the world, especially for corruption.

Insurance claims are increasing and bankrupting insurance companies.

Largest corporations with criminal convictions are increasing.

Disability claims are increasing.

Retirement claims for the corrupt, especially in law enforcement in large cities are increasing.

Library usage, especially computer usage, especially in a down economy is increasing.

Charity service usage, scarcity of resources, especially produce, including in wealthy areas are increasing.

There is increased usage of recovery meetings for addicts.

There is excessive use of the military.

Produce is sold out, especially if on sale, especially the first day of the sale, especially if bought in large amounts by the most wealthy.

There are tax collections focusing on the poor, and back taxes over ten years back.

The media concentrates on the same subjects, stories, personalities.

There are problem children, unsupervised, uneducated, suspensions instead of detentions at schools.

The weather is increasingly unstable.

The environment is increasingly unstable.

Plants are increasingly sickly.

Animals are increasingly sickly.

Businesses are increasingly unstable.

Roads are improperly paved, designed, maintained.

Schools are ineffective.

Networks, systems increasingly fail.

Persons in Silicon Valley are unable to pay child support.

Government is in debt, or broke.

Indicators exist regarding the strength of a system.