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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Ideas rather money tend to drive the marketplace, and innovation tends to drive deflation and the economy, which is usually provided by individuals creating small-scale technology rather than the government creating large scale technology or even creating large stimulus plans. However, small stimulus plans created by the government for individuals can drive deflation.

A method, plan or system can obtain a patent, trade secret or copyright, even for training or means to better produce food, but it should usually be somewhat creative or learned.

The Doctrine of Nonnobviousness rather than more unusual standard of Flash of Genius may be the legal standard to protect intellectual property.

Magicians can innovate, but they tend to keep their tricks secret similar to a trade secret.

A patent may cost as much as $30,000 but also can be amended.

Often it is best to announce or display an invention and only start the patent application at the time a competitor starts to manufacture the product, but some feel a patent almost guarantees protecting intellectual property in the courts.

The Lemelson technique (creator also of the Lemelson Foundation) some feel is about producing paper patents only for the benefit of litigation.

Some think Ray Niro buys patents from inventors or from bankrupt businesses only to enforce them.

Some may think some inventors (usually when they have about 500 patents or about 20 patents a year) have been improperly rewarded.

However, some other inventors may be under awarded royalties on their patents by about receiving about 1 to 10 percent of what they deserved by an entire industry!

Many manufactures and perhaps judges support intellectual property theft partly because the cases are difficult to understand, although they are to be heard in the Federal Circuit court often by Judges who are versed in science.

Others may think that some persons may unjustly get rich writing patents (patent troll) for a living and prosecuting those patents in court using the Patent Reform Act.

Patents can be written in the middle of a figurative square (known as the four corners of a patent) along a path that the art will develop.

A patent should be written broadly without adjectives.

$200 million can be earned in a year by a person with valuable patents.

Nevada is one of the best places to litigate a patent because courts there move faster than in more urban or corrupt areas.

Some of the most important innovators may be Nostradamus who saved lives during a plague by prescribing rose hips; Tesla who created alternating current and other innovate environmentally oriented designs; James Watts who had about 150 inventions and helped create the industrial age; and Ben Franklin helped protect buildings from lightning rather than Pasteur who may have been the father of bad medicine (drugs) and Edison who may be the father of environment damaging large scale electro/hydro projects.

Protecting the freedom of individuals, their property rights, and limited government may drive economic growth similar to the values of Friedrich August von Hayek and Ayn Rand who may have believed that the market place driven by inventions and innovation are more powerful than John Maynard Keynes theories about government intervention and stimulus, sometimes achieved by large scale government funded projects.

A patent may NOT be needed to protect an invention until manufacturing of the invention has started in order to extent the time of manufacturing profits to be as long as possible.