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Justice for All Justice for All

There should be minimum income level because too many are denied disability improperly or where not given proper schooling or health care.

If there was a minimum income level and/or minimum savings, reparations wouldn't be necessary.

It would be cost efficient to not do case by case analysis of reparations or disability claims and have instead a minimum income level and/or minimum savings level (one time only basis).

It should be almost impossible to expel or suspend child or an adult from public school rather they should be transferred or reassigned to a different instructor.

100 year transcripts or registration holds should not exist by passing a law disallowing them.

All prior grades and public educational institution transcripts should be audited for fairness and reevaluations should be easily encouraged.

The State of California should seize all Community College land because they provide the primary funding for all Community Colleges.

Seizing all Community College Land would help balance the State of California budget.

Cities and Counties and their transit systems should be combined to reduce costs, especially San Francisco and San Mateo counties, and MUNI which is part of the City/Count of San Francisco and Sam Trans.

If the State of California would operate Community Colleges yearly and have labs and studios available 24 hours a day ,more products and income would justify the cost to the State.

The state would better manage Community Colleges than cities or counties and place them close to major transit and major retail.

It would be cost effective for the State to have more drug treatment programs.

The state would better manage drug treatment programs than cities or counties and place them close to major transit.

Persons willing to go into drug treatment should have the option of having their criminal record sealed if they were nonviolent and paid restitution to their victims.

Children of addicts should receive automatic free group counseling. >

Children of addicts should automatically be removed from their homes and put into boarding schools built on current school grounds.

Children should be able to go to school officials or law enforcement and request to spent time away from their family and homes and stay at boarding schools for any reason, including having a better social life and more study time. <

All minors, even emancipated, with children should be at boarding schools rather than with their family if they are receiving government aid.

Any settlement for the injury of a minor not under the supervision of the parent or guardian should be controlled by the state and not by the possible abusive and exploitive parent or guardian because this encourages fraud.

The State of California and the Federal Government wouldn't have budget problems if it was properly managed and if the law was properly enforced.

All homeless and drug treatment shelters should be under the control of the Federal Government and all students at higher educational institutions must intern at these shelters in order to obtain an advanced degree.


There is too much wealth, tax and justice disparity in United States.

There is near no safety net or minimum standard of Health, education, welfare, wealth compared to other Industrial Nations.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on the extremes of the rich and poor.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on the extremes of educated and uneducated.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on race.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on sex or sexual orientation.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on age.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on nationality.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on creed and/or religious beliefs.

The United States Justice system focuses too much on persons with prior criminal records.