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legislative proposals

Persons are not put in jail for not making child support payments.

Persons are allowed to pay down debt owed to government by work program instead of being incarcerated.

Minimum income guaranteed rather than needing application to get on government disability.

Automatic disability minimum income guaranteed for persons with genetic illnesses.

Means testing for retirement check from the Social Security Administration.

Minimum payment or vouchers guaranteed for Dental and Health services for provider of choice.

All financial transactions taxed at least 30 percent.

Persons with over 100 thousand dollars per year income get a flat tax of at least 30 thousands dollar per year.

Most data bases cross checked for fraud or accuracy at Federal Level, or by contractor where they get a percentage of the recovery.

Mandatory education not necessary if there is exceptional ability in the sciences.

Liberal general education is discouraged.

Education is to be grounded in observation and performing experiments.

Resources are to be warehoused as to be easily ordered if a base payment is given to discourage theft and a system is to be designed to transport those resources.

Housing is to be built on all schools, and any minor is allowed to live for free on that housing or visit, especially to allow field trips.

Make it much easier to institutionalize the addicted, those who lack free will, and the mentally ill.

The government may have almost no ability to address complex problems created by on rich, educated politically connected criminal or the addicted or disenfranchised. SOMETIMES MOVIES OR THE MEDIA MOTIVATES LEGISLATION. THESE ARE SOME MOVIES THAT MIGHT BE DEEP ENOUGH OR INTENSE ENOUGH TO GET PEOPLE TO THINK ABOUT MORE LEGISLATION!