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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!

Doctor, Lawyer, Contractor or other professional regulated by the government

Theory-based rather than evidence-based case management is often the norm at government level, especially in family courts, education and health care involving government funding, and often NOT INVOLVING GOVERNMENT FUNDING IN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFESSION. ONE SHRINK MAY HAVE KILLED HIMSELF IN FRONT OF HIS MORE EDUCATED PATIENT who was put on anti-psychotic drugs that could have made him, also, suicidal. MALPRACTICE AND MISPRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS ARE COMMON, ESPECIALLY IN THE LESS EMPOWERED POPULATIONS. This almost guarantees captive clients and a long term use for corrupt professionals, and often they are controlled by drug companies and receive kickbacks from them. They will often refuse to treat criminals by locking them up! They will label persons as mentally ill to protect themself or a corrupt organization, such as the military. Down economies can force delicensing or defunding corrupt licensed professionals. Down economies can also help eliminate theory-based case management and move to edicence-based case managment where real fact finding is mandated. Almost all licensed professions are prone to taking advantage of the government or their clients. Rarely do they protect society or the clients interest first. Usually they consider their professional licenses a LICENSE TO BILL! THINK ABOUT BAD CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERY OR DOCTORS WHO BILL PATIIENTS WHO DO NOT EXIST!


Clanlike or cultlike.

Many relatives in organization.

History of problems, which can be checked various places, such as the federal government, state, National Practitioner Data Bank, of conventional public domain sources of information, but checking with friends, relatives, or clergy may also be helpful.

Control politicians in the region.

Few probes into problems.

They all seem to act the same.

Ignores requests.

Lies, cheats or steals.

Been in same position for more than five years.

Been in more than one position less than five years.

One or few industries, competitors in region.

Services needed to be redone at considerable cost, or the problem is now unfixable. Government community mostly controlled by a few professionals.

Promotions based on seniority.

False report with or without suspicion of tampering or Obstruction of Justice or seeking Bribe.

Professional associated with or impacting City government or institution.

Professional associated with or impacting County government or institution.

Professional associated with or impacting State government or institution.

Professional associated with or impacting Charitable institution.

Professional associated with or impacting Private Hospital.

Professional associated with or impacting Teaching Hospital.

Professional associated with or impacting Military Hospital.

Professional associated with or impacting Psychiatric Hospital.

Professional associated with or impacting Kaiser or HMO.


Overbilled, false bill.

Prejudiced or suspected Civil Right Violations.

Harasses or rude, Stalks, Irrational, Negligent or Refuses to do evacuation.

Prior convictions of crimes, Abusive or use of unnecessary force, Sleeps on job, False documentation used to obtain position, or Rock star and/or entertainer with suspicion of false identification with history of addiction likely there to abuse position.

Fear the worst out of this person.

Services needed to be redone at considerable cost, or the problem is now unfixable.

Bills or charges are unusual and/or noncustomary, especially for common or routine practices under normal conditions.

New events and information surrounding the incident, and/or major omissions of information or commission of crimes, are now known.

Consent was obtained without a complete mention of the status of the practice, literature, and or multiperspective review of history, literature, etc. (this is almost always the case with many medical and construction problems).

Contract was signed, made while impaired, often while on controlled substances.

Contract was signed, made under false pretenses, often under time limit or extreme conditions, and/or with expectation of an excessive reward.

Contract was signed, made under duress, often under fear of harm.

Contract was terminated in accordance with the legally allowed termination period as set by law, often within 24 hours in some states for services contracted over the internet, or interstate services.

Contract was signed, made under duress with, or without, the approval of a guardian and/or legal representative.

Contract was signed with little bargaining power, such as emergency situation, few providers of the service in the region.

Unforeseen complications allegedly occurred (or other possible suspect code words for malpractice, breach of fiduciary relationship, fraud, waste or abuse, such as side effect), which may have taken years to manifest or fully understand the true extent of the damage or wrongdoing.

Bills are excessive according the legal limits for such services, such as maximum allowed contingency fees for larger judgments and awards.

Bills or charges are unusual and/or noncustomary, especially for common or routine practices under normal conditions.

Services needed to be redone at considerable cost, or the problem is now unfixable.

Services are illegal, or completely contrary to good public policy, such as building without government needed approval, illegal rate of interest, or even billing for sex.

Unnecessary information is sought, which seems suspicious with possible intent to defraud and/or do wrongdoing to others.

Send, present, give a check and write "payment in full for services to date rendered" for less than the bill, and see if it is cashed or accepted.

Perhaps any bill can be challenged as unfair and any licensed professional can be delicensed by the government for improper behavior. Psychiatrists are known to high rates of problems. Dentists may be prone to committing suicide. Licensed professionals tend to always be under regulated, and commonly breach their fiduciary duty, which can happen about 10 different ways usually as conflict of interests and in some cases they may be considered guilty until proven innocent! This is especially true this medical professionals. OFTEN THE BEST LICENSED PROFESSIONALS ARE QUASI-THIRD GENERATION PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD, OR SPECIALISTS, OR BOTH. It is important to do your own research and get second, or third, or even more opinions in complex cases or if there is a possibility of great damage. Sometimes, persons who work for insurance companies have more insight about professionals than person who work in the profession, and they are often licensed professionals or consultants themselves. AN EDUCATOR WHO IS A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL MAY BE UNABLE TO FIND WORK IN THE FIELD, RATHER THAN EXCEED THE NORMAL STANDARDS OF THE INDUSTRY.

MEDICAL BILLS MAY BE MEANINGLESS & UNENFORCEABLE IF YOU GET THE RIGHT LAWYER (most lawyers may foolishly present the case as a billing dispute), OR GO TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. YOU risk not being prompt enough if you do not sign up with a good lawyer because the person who goes about dealing with a corrupt contractor, doctor or medical system FIRST the right way may receive ALL THE MONEY AWARDED and a corrupt contractor, doctor or medical system could go broke. THEREFORE, THE BEST LAWFIRM LIKELY NEEDS EXPERIENCE STICKING IT TO THE DRUG COMPANIES. Many cases MAY BE EXTREME ENOUGH FOR THIS TO BE POSSIBLE BECAUSE NOTHING SUGGESTS THEY TOOK EVEN SLIGHT CARE TO PROPERLY DIAGNOSE OR TREAT the patient(s), WHICH SUGGESTS GROSS MALPRACTICE , WHICH I SUSPECT SUGGESTS FRAUD! You need to consider that EACH STICKER on each PRESCRIPTION (prepack or bottle?) that went through a computer could be wire fraud (perhaps $300 fine under False Claim Act, $5000 max under RICO wire fraud, or triple damages of total bill under Antitrust law AND/OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES FOR THE TOTAL OR INDIVIDUAL CASE?)! DO THE MATH! That is why patients/persons should keep their used bottles or prepacks! Three persons may be enough to get a Class Action started. It is about getting good information from the more functional and cooperative persons.

I know of many persons who at do not seem to be receiving the proper PSYCH drugs out of Kaiser, the VA, San Mateo or Santa Clara counties because the software is not strong enough to catch the problems AND ALL THE SHRINKS MAY KNOW THIS! THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER GO TO A LAWYER. ONE WAS GIVEN A DRUG FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA WHO HAS DOWN’S SYNDROME (strangely she sees her doctor once every three months and she thinks she gets a deal out of Kaiser because her drug only costs $1.10). The point I am making is they are looking for easy victims. Another was an award winning Stanford/VA doctor who gave a drug that causes liver damage to a person who drinks and another was given a drug that causes liver damage to a person who drinks (these drugs are anti-seizure drugs that are prescribed off-label for bad-boy/bad-girl syndrome) . Another was a person with no high-school education who wanted a drug to help him sleep (Risperdal an anti-psychotic with a possible 95% misprescription rate) who was homeless and NEVER saw an M.D. and then OVERDOSED WHILE ON CRACK and ended up at Stanford for two weeks (about $50,000.00 in med bills to be paid by the government!).

Medical cases can be complex; add the job, the State, possible illegal activity, higher functioning, and other entities then there can be a really complex mess. of a case.

The contractor will likely lose their contract with the State and county if proper publicity is done. For example, you can go to oral communications before the county supervisors and tell them what happened, and/or to the media and your state representative . Legislation can be vetoed or rewritten. Companies have less control than you think because the public knows they are rich and the government is poor. The judge and law firms that do the best jobs of these complex cases are often in San Francisco. Federal court moves faster and you could be in court in less than two years. If the complaint is served by a process server, they only have 20 days to answer, rather than 60 days. Then you are that much closer to receiving a big check, book. Movie, or reality show deal! This is why it is important to make sure things are done right. If you get more prepacks with the stickers, your lawyers might get a class action and might get to subpoena ALL THE COMPUTER RECORDS. YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS REQUEST WAS TOO EXPENSIVE IN MY OPINION AND ONLY TIPPED THEM OFF! My guess is a low level lawyer WILL never file the case properly, in the right court, get it before the right judge, serve it in a timely manner, or do much of anything right or responsibly! A CASE COULD CHANGE PUBLIC POLICY AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ABOUT WHY BETTER SCREENING AND SOFTWARE IS NEEDED. CURRENTLY, ALMOST ANY DOCTOR CAN PRESCRIBE ALMOST ANY MEDICATION TO ALMOST ANY PATIENT FOR ALMOST ANY REASON!

This is because more educated persons are considered more trustworthy and are more difficult to prosecute and are considered more worthy of privacy. The truth is almost no medical records are private (75 people may see each record), and almost ALL DOCTORS IN THE BAY AREA ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY! THERE ARE TOO MANY SHRINKS, SO THEY WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING TO GET OR KEEP A PATIENT. 12% OF SHRINKS MAY HAVE SEX WITH THEIR PATIENTS. The government is broke, so it has almost no way of policing medical doctors. THEY LIKELY ALL HAVE THAT FIGURED OUT!


Medical professionals and ALL case workers tend to gang bang and reduce efficiency in the system. They tend to have sex with each other and their patients. Families in the case work field tend to control a region. It tends to be a friends and family thing- i.e. friends and family tend to know the system and tend to get services. In my opinion only a few people tend to know a large amount of theory about case work and almost no one knows even a speciality completely, so even the specialists can make mistakes. Many in casework start with an agenda or had the illness they now treat, which is often similar to the blind leading the blind. They are presumed then to have compassion for the illness. Think about the usual treatment for smoking addiction: nicotine patches, gum and gradually reducing the dosage, or even smokeless cigarettes. It usually does not involve giving the patient various cocktails of drugs (downers) in a series or cycle! Therefore, the attiction treatment did not seem to meet usual methods. They can gradually reduce the use of uppers by giving the patient the prescription (legal) version of the street drug, such as Ritalin for Meth.

With all licensed professionals it is usually best to compare them with the butler or with a fiduciary or to consider them guilty until proven innocent! Similarly, the butler’s worth is almost always a reflection of the worth of his master. In case work, or with licensed professionals, the worth of the services is often a reflection of the worth of the client or victim the community where the client or victim resides.

ALMOST all GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED institutions CLAIM TO educate or stabilize or rehabilitate or protect VICTIMS by using a drug or procedure or facility that has a COST/BENEFIT ratio which initially or in the long term or ultimately is alleged to be insignificant; these victimizing policies can usually only can be implemented during a down economy or in a small community controlled by one industry or group or by a desperate government entity that usually actually benefits the elite or foreigners or a few government employees or a few industry employees that ACTUALLY IS ONE BIG COST-SHIFTING TO OTHER GOVERNMENT ENTITIES OR TAX PAYERS OR ENTITIES, USUALLY THE VICTIMS OF THE INSTITUTION!

The Feds often have a high amount of overpayment amount before they will open an investigation, or they may need to see a serious crime before they will act. Most people to not know where or how to complain to the administrative, legislative, or judicial branches of the government, or to the state government to try to get a license revoked. Often, it is the Federal government that will go to the state government and insist a license gets revoked. The media may be of some help getting an investigation started, but they may have a major conflict of interest in these cases because of their advertisers.

It used to be that insurance companies bid on the Medicare, Medical and Medicaid contracts I suspect partly to fill their minority quotas and to try to do fraud control to reduce their co-insurance payments. Now these contractors may treat the contract as pure programming exercises, and most of the claims may be automated. Therefore, internal and external fraud may be almost impossible to detect. THIS MEANS YOU MUST COMPLAIN USUALLY TO MULTIPLE PLACES OR EVEN DO ALL YOUR OWN MEDIA AND PUBLICITY. ALSO, FEW LAWYERS WORK THESE CASES.

The cost of a Doctor, Lawyer, Contractor or other professional regulated by the government doesn't mean it has high value, or reflect its value.