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Proposed Development

The greatest concern about the Proposed Development is:

It will likely increase the time for my commute, pollution, accidents, and could result in loss of income or quality of life for me.

It is an excessively expensive housing, partly due to land purchase price and poor use of resources, such as energy inefficiency, water inefficiency, space inefficiency, time inefficiency, building materials, natural Bay habitat, other precious limited resources (air quality, light or shadow, view, other).

It likely does not conform to the County General plan or the Former City Government plan, or into Regional mass transit future plans and designs. Rather it is based on old automobile dependent planning concepts, even if it is an attractive mixed use development.

I am afraid it is not a family friendly type of development and may attract the wrong element of society and stress limited emergency services.

Laws should be restructured so large scale projects are subjected to regional vote and/or greater administrative control by nonelected professionals and/or greater input by residents and nonresidents:

Projects are often corruptly voted on by elected officials and then staff must try to fix the mess later. Officials can be out-of-the-region or have expired from natural causes by the time the problems with a project are fully understood. Global warming is a possible hoax if carbon dioxide within the ocean is similar to carbon dioxide, called dry ice, and when heated goes back into the atmosphere! Large scale technology is increasingly vulnerable to terrorists are increasingly willing to risk their lives over scarce resources. Some large countries may even not have enough water to support their populations, and they may have huge military strength. Hazardous waste disposal, including nuclear, is still a problem and proper protocol may not exist and may not be properly mandated by International law. Therefore, environmental degradation is a complex problem that may be impacting the entire planet. The talent may not exist within the government or even major organizations to fix the most complex problems and it may be unreasonable to think the top talent in industry can fix complex problems too. Denial seems to exist by many about increasing scarcity of resources and the ability to fix problems, and the need of government intervention, new programs.