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Bathrooms, Restrooms

Entry door(s) or doorway(s) not large enough (closed or difficult to open during business hours).

Security problem or suspected criminal activity at bathroom.

Not enough stalls when full capacity is achieved (movie opening, Christmas, major events, especially in Stadiums).

Dryers or towels are too far from sinks, and/or lacking sensors.

Remote location lacking security.

Filthy, dirty, water on floor or without a drain on the floor.

Plumbing problem.

Dangerous; sliding seat covers.

Locked door, especially steel door with poor air circulation (often where drug users sleep and often in the afternoon when a station agent is busy).

Unattended or without security cameras in urban area with high crime rate.

Lacks rest area with bed or seats.

Lacks place to make complaints or posting of cleaning times.

Private club in public park has control over the public rest room being opened.

Lacks hook or area to put belongings in stall or sink area and/or too cramped.

No disabled or adult type facilities.

Poor lighting.

Entry door when none is needed, which slows traffic, orr entry area is too small for the traffic, which is often the case in Movie theaters.

No baby change area, or family type.

Toilet paper is on the ceiling or other things have been thrown on the ceiling.

Hand dryer, or blow dryer, will not turn off.

Drug, or illegal activity, suspected with strange postings or writings in the stalls or anywhere in the area.

Persons loitering in the area.

Children abusing the area and/or wasting water.

Dangerous object, such as syringe, in the area.

Suspect controlled substances left or tapped to the area.

Obstructed area.

Old fixtures, especially if not disabled type.

Sanitation problem, or plumbing problem.

Toilet paper roll is not started and/or toilet paper is on the floor.

Unattended object.

Suspicion of gasing.

Possible hostage situation.