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Mall vacancy rates about %10.

In US almost all teenagers will work retail, but not in Europe!

50% of retail employees will quit after 3 months; normal turnover is 100% per year; labor budget is about 10%; wage violations are about 15% loss in pay!

One bad retail experience can cost about 70% loss of sales.

Thanking customers can create return visits by 70%, callbacks with a promotion only create 30% return visits.

80 % of shopping is motivated by emotions. Less choices can increase sales; doubling space for an item increases purchases by about 40 %.

Secondary marketing affiliates: are,; focus group sites are:,,

Average consumer family has $8,000 debt and $1,000 a year in interest.

78 % of consumers trust peer recommendation, by only 14 % trust advertisers!

Yipit is local search engine good for finding rentals, sharedEarth good for garden rentals; Zipcar and Streetcar are self-serve car rental services; Bag Borrow and Steal, SolarCity, DeminTherapy; OurGoods, ITEX, Superfluid Barterbrokers, Tradebank, NuBarter, Bartercard are a $10 Billion industry; Zopa in Eupore and the Lending Club in the USA are peer-to-peer lending marketplaces; WeCommune Inc. is a for profit venture;, and are for travelers who want a neutral broker.

78 % of consumers trust peer recommendation, by only 14 % trust advertisers!

Nikeplus show that cultural commons or collaborative communities drive profits (about 40% increase in sales) rather than traditional advertising, so Nike is now spending 55 % less on traditional advertising!

98 % online visitors do not make purchases!

Employees should be allowed to sit.

Better retail and spas allow their employees to sit and this reduces theft and turnover.

The best retail and spas have employees/owner/customer relationships, meaning they act similar to cooperatives.

More services options, merchants, one stop shopping, care, should be combined with entertainment.

Shop physica Store even if Online price is less or if store doesn't charge for shipping.

Do many activies when I shop or go to the spa, such as eat out, window shop.

More package deals, volume discounts, special card members services.

shop for many people in my family, church, or work environment.

More customer services are needed.

More products need to be made in the United States of America.

I do not buy fur.

I do not by products that are tested on animals or any subject against their will.

Work in industry, used to work in industry or plan to work in Retail industry.

I am willing to eat what my pet eats.

I consider persons who do services for me in retail or a spa my friends and I even give them gifts.

The retail industry has trouble filling jobs.

The City of Palo Alto brought in detectives when one of the taxpaying retail establishments started bringing in less sales tax to the city and arrested about 38 employees for theft. I knew someone who worked there and she seemed to think the city still didn't fix the problems and the store moved out of that space. Modern retail is not seen to be as glamorous as it used to be.

Some work in Retail for years before earning high pay.

Low paying jobs are COMMON in Retail.