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73% of 300 college students will sacrifice their goals in order to have a romantic relationship.

Online sites such as,,,,,,, and may be more specialized or usefull than the more popular sites or more commonly known sites.

Goals are usually considered once persons are in a romantic relationship.

Only 1% of online profiles are checked out in online dating sites; speed dating has a ratio of up to 3 in 10, about 30%.

Dating doctors, specialists, escorts, matchmakers, coaches exist.

The Internet can be a resource that more sophisticated person use to find companionship and persons with common interests.

Personal ads, not just on the Internet, may be used by some wealthy, educated and attractive persons.

Many singles clubs and events exist and some are respectable.

Many know near immediately if the mate is right for them and thier first encounter tends to last longer than planned.

Many persons meet their mates at school, work, churches and social events.

Blind dates can result in relationships.

Some people spend great amounts of money to find a mate, often because they are used to others helping them with various services, and have more money than time.

Even educated and rich persons seek out advice about dating, and may allow a consultant to make suggestions about clothes, housing, topics for conversation and where to meet on the first date.

One important and very expensive matchmaker used to be a divorce lawyer.

It would be nice if persons would be a little more openminded about a choice of a mate.

Sometimes persons who seem very different become mates and value each others skills.

Many now want independent mates who earn their own living.

Many want mates who can meet special needs.

Many do not want mates who want expensive things, and want just the simple things, such a health and good values.

Some persons are comfortable with a mate who is disabled or who has a less than perfect past, and there are many persons who a less than perfect, so often it helps to be openminded.

Even jewelry can be a risky gift because some are allergic to certain metals.

Often serving a special need of a possible mate is the best gift.

Some persons dislike being disturbed, especially with phone calls, especially while at work or important activities.

Some persons like to have a mate that helps them with new things.

Some people do need classes in dating.

Adjusting to the other demands on a mates time can be a great challenge.

The modern world can be more challenging than most expect and to find a mate that fits almost any lifestyle can be a challenge.

To expect a mate to be good at everything is unrealistic.

Even to expect a mate to be great at one special skill is unrealistic.