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SHELTERS SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Almost all shelters in urban areas tend to be managed by ex cons or so-called reformed addicts; some church shelters have some persons without criminal pasts managing them. These places tend to be unsafe and tend to have the same residents for years or life. The Soloist (2009), Pursuit of Happyness (2006), The Saint of Fort Washington (1993), Mergers & Acquisitions (1989), Homeless To Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (2003), Original Intent (1992), Homeless (1996), Homeless Not Hopeless (2007) are movies about homeless shelters. It Was a Wonderful Life (1993), Homeless in America (2004), Finding My Way (2006), Trollywood (2004), Dark Days (2000) are documentaries about the unhoused. Management (2009) shows the unhoused, and unusual housing situations. HOMELESSNESS IS NORMAL FOR CHILDREN WORLDWIDE ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS: 40% of the world's street children are homeless, the 60% work on the street to support their families. IN MANY COUNTIES PERSONS ARE NOMADIC AND DO NOT HAVE NORMAL PERMANENT RESIDENCES. THE IDEA THAT A PERSON SHOULD HAVE A PERMANENT RESIDENCE IS NORMAL TO INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION! This may not mean that the quality of life is better than a person who is nomadic. Almost all shelters may resemble interment camps.