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The following content is considered nonlegal and nonbinding OPINION only, and does not legally assume any entity is responsible for the accuracy of any facts that may seem to be presented by any entity. Rather this is meant to be a starting point of research into the facts or truth. The standard of the reasonable person should be assumed with regard to any possible research into the facts or truth!


Many repeat clients/customers.

Lacking locks for property storage.

Lacking secure kitchen, food distribution or drink distribution.

Volunteers serve and/or prepare or control food.

No hot protein in morning

Wrongful retaliation best staff for documenting problems for making complaints to law enforcement or terminations of long term staff, especially by new or shortterm employee.

Run by former addicts, and/or incarcerated persons, and most smoke, and/or spend most of their time watching television with, or without, sexual and violence content in rented videos by staff, and favorite clients.

Sex and Race ratio of employees does not match Sex and Race ration of Clients.

Noise problem, including television, snoring and loud orgasming sounds during the night with or without growling sounds made by some clients and competitive snoring.

Computers with video games, with, or without, witnessed tampering and/or hacking of computers.

Run mostly by one ethnic group, race, biologically related persons, sex.

Claims to be drug treatment program with, or without, being a front for criminal activity.

Chores assigned to persons using services with, or without, chores being done by exhausted persons on disability with, or without, properly using gloves or proper hygiene, especially if they have a history of tapeworm.

Does not have regular weapons searches or proper storage for weapons.

Does not have clear instructions of policies.

Filthy and/or unsafe and/or underdesigned facility.

In remote location.

Claims to be a private facility when the building is actually a government owned building.

Shelter is actually mostly government funded, either by the county, or by Federal Block Grants given to the Cities.

Might be a front for research perhaps with a motive of making clients sick to see if they then can make them well, so that the sick clients and friends of the wealthy or celebrities have a captive group of research subjects that have a stigma to them or who tend to be unprotected.

Might be part of a conspiracy involving finding tenants and patients for the worst providers, and/or on unsafe property investigated by a grand jury and/or the government.

Persons with false identification suspect on location, especially if former or current celebrity, especially if they are there under court order.

Person who is relative of medical professions.

Advanced college degrees should only be granted to those who have cooperative college credit for work at a Shelter.

The Federal Government should be managing the Shelters because the case work is demanding and/or there should be a strong Federal presence at shelters.

Shelters are in important indication about what is going wrong in society.

Shelters help us understand what needs to be changed in society and offer great learning experiences for all.

Shelters should be located at major transit areas and would offer much needed services at those locations.

In unsafe location, with, or without, an unsafe walk to the location, or poor public transportation to the location.

Almost all shelters in urban areas tend to be manages by ex cons or so-called reformed addicts; some church shelters have some persons without criminal pasts managing them. These places tend to be unsafe and tend to have the same residents for years or life. HOMELESSNESS IS NORMAL FOR CHILDREN WORLDWIDE ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS: 40% of the world's street children are homeless, the 60% work on the street to support their families. IN MANY COUNTIES PERSONS ARE NOMADIC AND DO NOT HAVE NORMAL PERMANENT RESIDENCES. THE IDEA THAT A PERSON SHOULD HAVE A PERMANENT RESIDENCE IS NORMAL TO INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION! This may not mean that the quality of life is better than a person who is nomadic. Almost all shelters may resemble interment camps.