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Credit card retention department can help improve the interest rate received.

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Shopping varies greatly in quantity, quality, pricing at different places and regions.

Often it is best to shop out of the region where a person lives and in a bigger market due to lack of competition locally or differences in the purchasing power of different currencies.

Often it is best to shop off-season.

Often it is best to buy the entire set of furniture, or clothing, or to buy in bulk.

Basics, such as spices or undergarments, are often best bought in bulk from a warehouse or group discount type of place and tend to not vary in quality from the high priced stores.

Name brands, such as difficult to find shoes, are often bought at great bargains from off the web or from catalogues, and some give discounts for large purchase amounts.

It is often best to shop in a region where persons are similar to your personal build, style, customs, and culture.

Traveling to an area where the real estate costs are less or that is having sales due to local economic hardships can be a great way to bargain shop.

Great bargains can be found at the end of the month, season, or before tax refunds are sent out.

Few will shop during bad weather and often there are less lines then.

Long lines, and a shopped out, condition often exist during what is known as peak retain shopping periods: holidays, weekends, after normal work hours, lunch hours.

Discounts can be at 99% for some closeout items.

Often the best discounts can be found in wealthy regions.

It can be best to ignore labels, sizes, but to see out quality.

Sometimes even the warehouse stores are overpriced due to overpriced retail space.

It is important to walk the entire store and look for misplaced items that were marked on sale or to get a price check if the item is without a price tag.

It is also good to ask for a raincheck if the items on sale are not stocked.

It is best to buy raw resources and to formula a product or even diluted a product to conserve overprices resources or if the formula tends to go bad if it is in a mix, such as dried milk and pigments for paints do not dry until they are in a wet medium.

Convenience items are almost always overpriced and of a lower quality than fresh or raw items.

Bulk is often less expensive than single packaged items.

Volume discounts for common items can create savings.

Seeds for planting can be a great value if bought at discount, or even as feed from a pet store.

Planting seeds, rather than plants sold in containers, tends to save money and to grow stronger plants.

Credit card purchases can save money if they are usually only to purchase sale items.

The suburbs often get items that didn't sell well in the city as shipments and can have excellent values.

Shopping just before tax returns and at the end of the month, or off season travel and shopping can result in huge savings.

Sometimes if an item is sold out in one region that was a great value it can be found in another region for the same price.

Often the sale items are sold out and the store policy may not to guarantee the sale price if the item is sold out. Therefore, the sale prices in the ads are useless because the items are not in stock.

The bargain stores are often sold out of the best items at the beginning of the month or anytime when the public has more funds or a desire to shop.

Stores with coupons, especially grocery stores with a discount card the rewards for purchasing similar items, and counts their internal coupon type system, can save large percentages off the regular price, sometimes in excess of fifty per cent of the cost.,,,,, and are popular choices to express ecological or political views by shopping.

It is possible to find bargains for free, or for a 99% discount, but this is due to very sophisticated knowledge of bargain and value shopping. It often involves timing, location, travel, or use of the computer to find less advertised special bargains. It can be important to understand why a certain item is on sale, and that may NOT mean IT IS NOT A VALUABLE ITEM. The public may not yet understand the value of the item, and it may not be properly marketed. An example of this would be a very expensive dress that needs to be carefully worn, cleaned, and on a person with a very perfect figure to look good, or expensive teas, supplements, electronics, or beauty supplies. Beward of the use of an overpriced anchor that is vastly unaffordable to entire a buyer into getting the middle priced or next lowest price item, or a name brand common item that is vastly overpriced, which is known as the "mad then happy" emotional manipulation strategy. Some websites geared towards shopping are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,