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Films, Movies, Theaters, Shows

Reviews of movies are summerized by

Employees should be allowed to sit when taking tickets and selling tickets.

Better programming of Showtimes, web services with free offers needed for those who attend often.

More cross selling different services mixed with food services, retail and video games and more interactive activities.

More festivals and theme showings needed.

Buy concessions and even use coffee or eating area and willing to buy more meal type consumables.

More showtimes, divers content, foreign films, even dubbed or with subtitles, especially if action or Hong Kong type.

Work in industry, used to work in industry or plan to work in Entertainment industry

Like at least 5 minutes of previews, but 15 minutes is best.

Like ads with discount for giving ticket stub to be shown before the movie.

Product placements in the movie often degrade the character or movie.

Like the educational slide show before the movie.

Like outtakes and/or explanation of the making of the movie to be at the end of the movie.

Like long movies and double features.

Go to movies just because they are long or had a big budget

Like Comedies.

Like Dramas.

Like Action.

Like Documentaries.

Like Musicals.

Like any type movie, or show.

Would like Movies to be more geared towards hobby or industry in which I work.

Go to more than one movie sometimes in one day.

Go to more than one movie theater in one day.

Like theaters to be in central city or near major transit

Tolerate small amount of loud or rap music if it fits in the plot.

Like to sit in theater and read and get out of bad weather

Sometimes even go to the first movie playing just to use the bathroom or sneak in the end of the more popular movie.

Like matinees, and movies shown just after school or work hours.

Movies teach values and science and even dictators avoiding going to war with US because they like our movies.

Movies help motivate me to study new subjects and do better in school.

Movies about science sell, even weird science, sell better than movies about sex.

Movies are cheaper than therapy.

Movies should be interactive and the audience should be able to press buttons and vote on alternative plots as they show.

Movies do not need high paid stars.

Movies need new and different locations, subjects.

Movies should have themes during Christmas of disadvantaged persons, and animals saving a community

Movies should have more music stars, and persons from other industries in them.

Movies should be small and done by one or a group of people who do more than one job.

There should be more actor/writers/director type productions, after all they really understand the industry.

Movies will become more like music videos and music videos stars will be more important in the industry.

Video game creators will be more used by the movie industry.

Need more releases and re-releases.

Need more on same theme as Holiday.

Need massage chair or special disabled area with massage chair or premium area with massage chairs.

Need screen on the ceiling and/or on all the walls.

Need space by the seat for baby carriage or wheel device or my own seat or even cot to look up at screen on the ceiling.

Should be open 24/7.

Should be a relaxation center at night and be allowed to sleep there.

Should have showers and/or special service selling special health foods and supplements.

Want more complex, multi-treated plots, especially of true stories, including stories of important historical, sociological, psychological interest. ed>

Large amounts are spent on entertainment, and I am in the entertainment industry, bring many friends and relatives and am even willing to rent out a theater for a special event, and large amounts of concessions are bought. This is a prime time to do sophisticated sales pitches because we are short on time, work very hard long hours. Even getting to the show often takes a long time, so when we are there it is a little like working hours and we intent to stay a long time to justify our commute time.

It gets very busy in our region during great weather and peak holidays and special occasions, so bathrooms and eating establishments get overbooked and I will pay for the least likely filled theater just to go to the bathroom, eat, read, and have a place to sit. I am even willing to pay for time to listen to videos on a nice sound system and just read or chat.

Relaxing atmospheric slides or videos of nature with nature sounds would be good to have on one screen on a regular basis for those who want to just sit and relax in a comfortable seat in a movie theater, or even in morning hours.

Lifetime membership, weekly unlimited pass, or an unlimited pass for a specific time period with my photo identification would increase the time I spend at the entertainment establishment.

Lifetime membership, weekly unlimited pass, or an unlimited pass for a specific time period with my photo identification that also includes health care services, such as nutritional advice, supplements, and practitioners, including chiropractic and alternative medicine would increase the time I spend at the entertainment establishment.

Selling a copy of the making of the show, previews of the show as a DVD, or just the prior installments of the series, or franchise, along with important extras, even as a gift along with a special membership offer would be an important benefit.

Sometimes I watch favorite shows more than once with, or without, my friends, loved-ones, or family.

Multi-genre, or multi-issue, movies are my favorite.

Franchises, or shows with a common theme, actors, directors, plots, or series should be shown in total when the new installment of the series is released, even if that might mean spending a weekend at the movies, especially for a special reduced price.

Non-franchises, but movies done by a very important director, or producer, should been shown together for a special reduced price.

Reviews of entertainment products a read my me, but little emphasis is but on them, even if sometimes more than one review or even a review by certain reviews are a focus of my attention, is read.

Big budget pictures, movies, shows especially appeal to me, especially about new technology, issues, social-economic-political-enviroment-health-welfare-education-planning concerns, and I consider them a very good investment.

Go to movie for the photography, scenery, costumes, sets, music score and/or songs by popular recording artists, stunts, even to see new product placements, and often by things I saw or heard in the movie, and would like to buy these things at the establishment wear I saw them shown, even using the Internet and/or would like to buy computer time at the establishment and/or DVDs, including music, and/or downloads.

Go to see what is new, and what the new generation is doing, crime trends, or even to see history re-enacted.

Like to see personalities, celebrities and/or music or other artists in cameos or even major rolls, especially if they make fun of their image.

Like to see the director, or others involved in the behind the scenes of making the project, in cameos or even major rolls.

Like to see the director's cut and/or outtakes on the credits at the end and/or on the DVD extras.

Sometimes watch, or our children watch, certain movies more than once, especially our favorite parts, especially if the movie is complex. d>

Sometimes re-enact the dialogue or action while the movie is playing and/or allow our children to do this while we supervise and/or watch them play.

Started buying DVDs because we noticed some of them had been rented out at a cost greater than the cost of purchasing the DVD, especially of certain action films by the youngsters, children, young-adults.

Great amenities, such as bathrooms, really set the establishment apart.

Children are often left at the establishment instead of sending them to childcare for the day on the weekend.

Rainy days, especially hot days, holidays, are usually when the establishment is attended.

Special value deals, such as two for the price of one, tend to bring business to the establishment.

No longer go to some establishments because they seem unsafe, dirty, or staff seems to be allowing their friends in for free.

Noticed after the free paper had free shows that the establishment had a bad smell, so no long patronize that establishment.

High Concept, fantasy, science fiction and/or nontraditional, non-three acts, even streams of consciousness, with flash backs or out of sequence plots can be very interesting and effective at making a point.

Bad press, including abuse alleged, deaths during the production, or exploitative behavior of those involved in the production can keep me away from a show.

Bad press about the major earners in a production, especially about their personal lives, can keep me away from a show.

Movies to not need to be about resolving a conflict, rather than can be about functional relationships were only positive interactions, which cause positive results occur

Focus groups can be planned after a movie, especially for payment for the movie attendee.

Movies may be a form of informal healing or therapy.

Movies may be inexpensive education.

Movies may teach persons to not panic in a crisis.

Dramas can help prevent crime and are an excellent way to educate the public, and often considerable cost and talent is available to the public in the form of entertainment that teaches resolution to complex conflicts, especially about complex systems, science, problems, issues that are not properly resolved by any government or organization. There is often a person who may not have what is considered the best background who often decides to selflessly lead to solve a problem as plot element, and these movies may do better than movies about sex.