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Unconsenual drugging or rape

Unconsensual sex or drugging is MUCH more common than most expect. The water supply may have small amounts of drugs in it. Most people do not want to come forward with these concerns. Many repeat offender and victims exist and they may be located in places were addiction is common.

Traits of victims of abuse include: Hyper-empathy, Extreme altruism, High relationship investment and high attachment; Hyper-focus on the sentimental aspect of the relationship; Low impulsiveness and High resourcefulness.

Clues to aggression are: manic speech patterns, arrogance, aggressive movements, disrespect for boundaries, use of technology as a smokescreen, dominating behavior, inflexibility, dependence, lying, poor eye contact, stalling, pursing lips, deceptiveness, mouthing words or inaudible words, perspiring.

60 % of women were killed by their intimate partners (using firearms).

The more detailed a threat and/or if he shares his intentions to do harm with a third party, the more likely it will be carried out (90% of victims of attempted murder and 73 % of victims of murder were threatened). Half of the killers broke into the residences of the victims. 41 % of intimate-partner homicides made prior threats of suicide. 68 % of abused intimate-partners have been strangled by their intimate-partners. 80 % of rapist and serial killer are heavy pornography users. There is a significant connection to animal cruelty and domestic violence (71 %). 30 % of intimate-partners homicide reported no prior physical abuse.

Abusers can have a tracking or monitoring device on you or use a GPS setting on a cell phone, or use open source databases to track you .