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WEALTH SUMMARY and MOVIE SUGGESTIONS are: Little Fockers (2010) franchise and Rabbit Hole (2010) suggests wealth is not easly measured; Capitalism: A Love Story suggests wealth is obtained due to corrupt taxation schemes. 2009 movies The Great Contemporary Art Bubble, Up in the Air, Disney's A Christmas Carol , & Amelia suggest the wealthy can have shallow standards! Some people often seem to have wealth thrown at them, and others often seem to never be able to keep any assets; the movie The Secret (2006)(V) may explain why (this mostly may be a confidence boosting exercise). Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story (1987)(TV) is about heiress ($40 million from the Woolworth store fortune) who had only $3500 left when she died at age 65, which suggests that money does not beget wealth! Some may believe environmental or education may be the key factors that enable the creation of wealth. The wealthy can prove what they are made of under adverse circumstances in movies The Edge (1997) with Anthony Hopkins, and The Clearing (2004) with Robert Redford, and The Aviator (2004) with Leonardo DiCaprio, True Grit (1969), and Miracle at St. Anna (2008). The Bachelor (1999) is about marrying to inherit money. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), King of California (2007), The In-Laws (2003/I), It Runs in the Family (2003), The Game (1997), and Wall Street (1987) with Michael Douglas tends to focus on money issues well! Understanding certain concepts that may lead to wealth explored in the following movies: In Good Company (2004), Standard Operating Procedure (2008), Safe (1995), Angels and Demons (2009)/The Da Vinci Code (2006), National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)/National Treasure (2004) The Formula (1980), Rules of Engagement (2000), Chaos Theory (2007), The American Standards (2007), Sounder (1972), The Auteur Theory (1999), Window Theory (2004), The Ruling Class (1972), Traffic Signal (2007), The Final Equation (2005), Some of an Equation (2007), Safe Sex (2001), No Safe Haven (1987), The Slaughter Rule (2002), A Sign Is a Fine Investment (1983), Millionaire: A Major Fraud (2003)(TV), The Emperor's New Clothes (2001), Born Rich (2003), The Bank (2001), The Happiest Millionaire (1967), and Exception to the Rule (1997). THE WEALTHY MAY ALSO BE GOOD AT BEING RESPONSIBLE, SETTING GOALS, AND STAYING ON COURSE concepts considered in Risk (2000), The Domino Principle (1977), Goal! (2005), No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005). Rich Man, Poor Man (TV mini-series, 1976). Free time may be a better indication of wealth or happiness. Understanding proper rules, laws, codes, signals, indicators, guidelines, standards, theories, ratios, equations, formulas, regulations, safe practices may eventually lead to a better lifestyle. Some think sin means to be without! Money is not the root of all evil; fear and corruption and the misuse of money may be the root of all evil. The Titanic (1997), Blood Diamond (2006), War, Inc. (2008), Citizen Kane (1941), Chinatown (1974), Mad Money (2008), Beauty Shop, The Corporation, De-lovely, Trading Places, The Devil Wears Prada, Dogville, Domino, Friends with Money, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Trip to Bountiful (1985), Last Holiday (2006), Marcia Full of Grace, Antitrust (2000), Money (1991/I), L'Argent, The Matador, Match Point, Separate But Equal (1991), Memories of a Geisha, Million Dollar Baby, Two For the Money, Money Talks (1997), Dirty Sexy Money (2007), Money Train (1995), The Color of Money (1986), Money Mammals: Saving Money Is Fun (2006), Trading Places (1983), Idiot (2003); Casino, American Psycho, The Great Gatsby (1974), Falling Down, Greed (1924), The King and I, Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Other People's Money, The Secret of My Success (1987), Share the Wealth (2006); Land of Plenty (2004); Plenty (1985), The Money Pit (1986), Wild Things (1998), This Property Is Condemned (1966), Very Bad Things (1998), Frozen Assets (1992), Corporate Assets (1985), State Property 2 (2005), The Shape of Things (2003), The Ugly American (2003), and Dirty Pretty Things (2002) suggest that values and not things are what matter most! AN UNWILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT 100 PERCENT RISK WITHOUT HIGH REWARD, or BEING CLOSE 100 PERCENT DEFENSIVE IN SITUATIONS TENDS TO BE WHAT MAKES A PERSON WEALTHY.