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Wealth Creation Untitled Document

Eight wealth creating profiles are a breakdown of: Systems orientated, intuitive thinker; People orientated, intuitive thinker; Systems orientated, sensory thinker; Systems orientated, sensory thinker according to, which further breaksdown into creative types, media types; networkers, deal makers; implementers; accumulators analysts, and improvers. Confusion allows the release of old triggers and more self-acceptance less waste on suppressed emotions so to pull better entities to help implement concepts and concentrate on results (gratitude)!

Solve a big problem, especially using inexpensive materials, or reusing materials.

Create an energy efficient system.

Limitless material wealth is available to continued learning, exploring, and stretching past prior accomplishments, even while anxious, due to the creativity, Transformation, which can rework old problems and use common inexpensive resources to solve them.

Use self-control, lack of resentment towards others, non-addictive, non-polluting material, with/or without, synergic systems and Strategic Alliances.

Focus less on salary, rather focus instead on production, invention, achievement, investing in self and others.

Create win-win situations, stewardship and sustainability.

Believe in entitlement, including the following: Joint Ventures, Marketing and Distribution Agreements, Global Franchising and Licensing.

Maintain debt-free-investment income, controlling--not controlled--while constantly reinvesting resources.

Be willing to lead, take action, be original, solve a problem in an original way, increased understanding of resource potential best use.

Be self-promoting, admire self-made persons, see opportunity even in past failures, realize that value is almost always eventually recognized by society.

Know what you want, not wasteful of resources, play to win, refuse to be victimized, accept responsibility, be accountable, live in the moment, not fretting about the past.

Have motives that are just, good, fair and reasonable; logical, not emotional.

Think in terms of the pie and slices getting bigger, rather than slices and pie getting smaller, with more involved in an activity.

Have good management of assets, risk, taxes, health, time, charitable gifts, relationships, education.

Realize open minded persons, those who are unprejudiced, can envision new wealth creating possibilities.

Understand reuse of materials, systems, resources in a better, more beneficial way helps build wealth.

Better distribution that promotes fairness helps reduce poverty.

Practicing leveraging assets can be more important than reducing debt to increase assets.

Controlling any asset can be more valuable than owning an asset.

Increase access to any safe asset, even for the public trust, especially educational assets can increase the positive numbers in the long term.

Life insurance policies can be good investments, with tax benefits that are better than some annuities.

Share strengths instead of weaknesses, including not being spiteful towards who seem to have more than others, rather than appreciating their strengths, can help alleviate hardship.

Use Various means of bridge building, tunnel building and symbolically creating connections that bring parts together than have a strength greater than that of the parts can help eliminate strife and increase riches, fullness, abundance, plenitude, abundance of external possessions.

Reduce, or eliminate, any unlimited liability.

Affluence is often due to competence, so obtain and value special skills, any rare item.

Keep plentiful supply of necessary material goods.

Broker or originate a service everyone needs with the greatest of skill.

Save all that is valuable that are possible in the most organized and inexpensive manner possible.

Find new uses for found, old, unused resources, goods.

Get experience, education, all assets as inexpensively as possible, and SAVE MONEY FOR THE NECESSITIES WITH THE SAVINGS on the cost of education.

Creating or improving systems, especially with the use of small scale technology to replace large scale technology that is made from inexpensive materials, tends to improve output. Almost all large scale systems and technology is vulnerable to crime and terrorists.

The wealthy tend to have a professional degree, a business, investments, less debt and more liquid assets!

They may own their own home, and plan for retirement.

Education, either self-taught or formal, is important to the well-off.

The well-off tend to be leaders, confident, happy, healthy, optimistic, and active in the community.

Marriage, exercise and other stabilizing behaviors are common among the wealthy.

Most wealthy persons have had a person who mentored them.

Resourcefulness, creativity, peace, and security may be the better definitions of wealth.

Some people often seem to have wealth thrown at them, and others often seem to never be able to keep any assets; the movie The Secret (2006)(V) may explain why (this mostly may be a confidence boosting exercise). The Drift may be more realistic. Heiress Barbara Hutton ($40 million from the Woolworth store fortune) had only $3,500 left when she died at age 65, which suggests that money does not beget wealth! Some may believe environmental or education may be the key factors that enable the creation of wealth. THE WEALTHY MAY ALSO BE GOOD AT BEING RESPONSIBLE, SETTING GOALS, AND STAYING ON COURSE. Free time may be a better indication of wealth or happiness. Understanding proper rules, laws, codes, signals, indicators, guidelines, standards, theories, ratios, equations, formulas, regulations, safe practices may eventually lead to a better lifestyle. Some think sin means to be without! Money is not the root of all evil; fear and corruption and the misuse of money may be the root of all evil. AN UNWILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT 100 PERCENT RISK WITHOUT HIGH REWARD, or BEING CLOSE 100 PERCENT DEFENSIVE IN SITUATIONS TENDS TO BE WHAT MAKES A PERSON WEALTHY. checked>