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Job, Work Job problems

Cases brought by "People with a mental disability...76%. (nž 41) resulted in employer wins, 24% (nž 13) were unresolved and none favoured the employee".

Unhappy employees cost businesses about $500 Billion in lost productivity, only $45% of American are satisfied with their jobs, and the younger the worker, the less satisfied they are with their jobs.

Internship-search companies were charging up to a thousand dollar to find unpaid internships, some parents even brought internships for their children, so the mo9st qualified applicants did not get jobs.

Less than 20 % of workers are actively engaged in their jobs.

Less than 10 % of workers are doing creative work, by the creative workers account for about half of the wages or all workers, and are driving more of the economy than manufacturing and services combined!

Very low pay and not near cost of living wage.

Massive food/energy needs for the work done on the job.

Chair not provided, but best in the industry provide rest and safety equipment.

Hostile environment, or harassment, with or without discrimination based on sex, race, age, disability.

High turnover or many leave job to go on disability or died before retirement of health problems.

Gained or lost wait at organization.

Forced overtime, parttime, or reduced pay instead of termination.

Excessive sugar and fat served at the location.

Forced overtime, parttime, or reduced pay instead of termination.

No air conditioning, working alone with money in dangerous area at dangerous time.

Sweatshop or dangerous work conditions.

Isolated work condition.

Phone work with low functioning persons who are under stress.

Disfigurement and/or loss of body function common risk on the job.

Corruption so common that investigations and institutionalization are common for workers.

Acts of violence common at organization.

Many have drug problems at the organization.

Few have other activities outside the organization.

Few have a personal life outside the organization.

Entire work or most work done in organization is of negative value to society.

Outrages givebacks allegedly due to economic conditions are demanded and/or payraises are at the highest level for the job performed and no more wage increases are allowed for the job.

Laws are unfair to the workers in the organization.